Friday, June 6, 2008

what a bunch of douchebags....

i'm sitting here watching "the bachelorette" from monday night. i don't know why i keep watching these...they are so ridiculous. but i have to say that these guys are more ridiculous than the girls on "the bachelor." i mean, this one guy is going on and on to her about how he felt all this chemistry the first night they met and now, sitting there with her, he can't feel his finger tips...who talks like that?? first of all, they all talk about this chemistry...guys don't care about chemistry. when a guy meets a girl at a bar or wherever, he goes and tells his buddies about the hot girl with the nice ass and/or rack that he met...not some sort of spark or chemistry he felt when they spoke for the first time. they just don't talk like that! or none i've met anyway. and even ones that do, would NEVER admit it, much less say it on national television. these guy's frineds are so gonna be ragging on them!!  so i can see why all these guys are still single...especially the one with a mullet. come on. i do like the guy with the little boy, jason. he's pretty cute and seems genuine. but he just said chemistry. ugh! i just thought of a good drinking game to play while watching this....every time they say chemistry, take a drink. you'd be drunk in no time.

on a completely different note, i had a doctor's appointment today and she said everything looks great. she did an ultrasound, and while she said not to go buy anything blue just yet, she looked from several different angles and believes we are having a boy! so the playing level around here will now be even...3 girls, 3 boys. blake and cory are pretty excited about that.

now, ellen degeneres is on the show and asking the guys what is the one thing they like most about deanna~the bachelorette~and one guy said that when he's not around her, he has butterflies thinking about her but is totally at ease once he gets around her. 

what??????  excuse me while i go vomit.

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is it five o'clock yet? said...

i watched the same episode and couldn't agree with you more. where did they find these guys anyway?--at a 'you're-not-gay-you're-just-confused-and-ultra-feminine' convention?