Friday, January 23, 2009

it's over...

layton's surgery went very well....we've been in recovery since about 11:00 and are now in a regular room. they've done a chest x-ray and it looked good. we are probably going home tomorrow and i can't wait!!! 

layton's surgery

we are at texas children's hospital in houston. they took layton back about 7:30 this morning. he was hungry as hell...he hadn't eaten since 11 pm last night....he had some pedialyte at 4:30 am. i was glad when they took him back to put him to sleep so he wouldn't be thinking about being hungry.

we are now in the waiting area...just waiting.

this picture was taken yesterday morning in the hotel room. he is such a happy boy! and he already weighs over 12 pounds!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sweet baby layton...

layton is 8 weeks old today....he weighs over 11 pounds and is a happy boy...he's smiling a lot now!
we are going to houston next week for layton to have another procedure on his heart. he has a condition called aortic valve stenosis and they need to go in and balloon up one of his valves. the doctors are very optimistic that things will go very smoothly and they won't need to operate to repair or replace the valve. 

please keep us in your prayers. i'll keep everyone posted while we are in houston.

Monday, January 12, 2009

letter to ann coulter....

please forgive me while i step on my soap box for a bit...

dear ms. coulter,

to the chagrin of some of my friends and in-laws, i have been a fan of yours for awhile now. while i don't always agree with what you say, i always admire the fact that you have the balls to say it. you say what you mean and mean what you say, a quality i admire in any one. after all, you have never said anything that has affected me personally.....until now. your statement about single moms has really pissed me off. i was a single mom for 8 1/2 years until i met my wonderful husband, who also happened to be a single parent. while i will admit that being a single parent is not something that people usually yearn to become but rather it is a situation that a lot of people find themselves in. i take offense to your statement that single mothers are breeding strippers and rapists.  if there is one thing i pride myself on, it is my children and they way they have been raised. while our oldest two did not have the advantage of being raised by two loving, responsible parents, i do feel they were raised by the better~by far~of the two options. neither one is a stripper or rapist. they are an 18 year old college student and a 15 year old freshman in high school. they are very kind, loving, respectful people who i'm proud to call mine. one of the best compliments i have received was someone telling me that my kids were a pleasure to be around....that they are very respectful to adults and all around generous people.
it is amazing to me that someone who has no children of her own, has such a strong opinion on how to raise them. while i'm sure there are some strippers, rapists and other criminals that have come from single parent homes, i'm sure there are also some less desirable people that were raised by two parents. where is your research on that one? should a single woman marry man she doesn't not love just because she gets pregnant...just to later divorce, causing more heartache for the child?
again, while i respect your opinions and your courage to speak them no matter how criticized you might be, i personally take offense to this latest tirade of yours. 

so, as respectful and dignified as i can be, i say to you, ms. coulter:

suck it.

a former single mother not raising a stripper or a rapist

here is the link to her interview on "the view" and for once, i agree with the ladies....