Monday, February 28, 2011

just a few things you never knew you wanted to know about me...

one of my favorite sections of US weekly is where a celebrity gives a list of things about themselves. just random things. soooo, i thought i'd let you in on a few things about me. TOTALLY random things.

1. i truly believe i have an addiction to target. and it is an addiction i do not wish to seek treatment to cure.

2. i never, ever drink coke at home or when i go out to eat. however, i am a huge sucker for a coke from sonic. it just tastes better.

3. if you read my last blog about my non-proposal story, i should have mentioned that my husband told me he thought that i would have picked a watch when he took me in the jewelry store. sucka!

4. i don't really understand when people say, "i wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy." i, personally, would only call one person my true enemy. no..i won't reveal who that person is on here..those that truly know me can probably guess who. but there really isn't anything short of horrendous i wouldn't wish on her/him. yes, i know..karma and all that. but whatever. i feel that strongly about it.

5. i have never had, nor do i think i ever will have baby fever. i've never looked at a newborn and longed to have one again. in fact, the newborn days SUCK. (yes, i LOVE my kids and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world..but stick a fork in me cuz i'm D-O-N-E.

6. i try to be the kind of friend that i want to have. i have many dear friends that i see and talk to all the time. but i also have a few very dear friends that i can go weeks/months without seeing or speaking to... but when we do, it feels like no time has passed.

7. i would love to write a book. not sure what type. hopefully one day.

8. my toenails are ALWAYS painted. they may not always look freshly pedicured but always polished.

9. i love working out. i feel that it is crucial to my mental stability as well as my physical health. it just makes me feel normal.

10. i'm not a big music person. it's not that i dislike music but i would rather watch t.v. any day.

11. i'm a huge words with friends player...the fad has not faded for me yet.

12. everyone should have a list of celebs that you would hook-up with if your significant other gave you a free pass. share it with your girlfriends and have them tell you theirs. it's fun to hear all the different types of people!

13. if i were put on a stranded island and could only have one thing to eat, i would want chips and a really, really good hot sauce. i could live on the stuff. seriously.

14. i don't understand when you smile at a stranger and they don't smile back.

15. my all time favor tie song is "sweet child of mine" by guns-n-roses.

16. i don't understand when people say they have no regrets. don't get me wrong, i don't believe in dwelling on past mistakes, but doesn't everyone have things they wish they would not have done? or things they wouldn't have said?

17. the first concert i ever went to was shawn cassidy. can't tell you what he sang. i just thought i was cool because my mom took me to a concert.

18. i'll watch a comedy over a chic flick any day. give me dumb and dumber over pretty woman.

19. i really want to learn to play golf. but do not want my husband to teach me. can you say D-I-V-O-R-C-E?

20. i'm a huge kathy griffin fan. i've seen her twice and will see her every time she comes to austin. LOVE her.

21. i just recently got a tattoo with my mom. she wanted one for her 60th birthday. i got a stitched heart on my ankle in honor of layton..who had heart surgery when he was born. it means a lot to me. escpecially when layton points to it and says, "pretty."

22. my other tattoo is an eternity symbol on my lower back. cory and i got matching ones one year on new years day.

now, tell me some random things about YOU....


Saturday, February 26, 2011

a non-romantic love story...

my husband is not a romantic person...i LOVE him more than anything and i'm so glad that i'm married to him but when it comes to the romance department...not a lot going on. perfect example: our engagement story. oh, wait. there ISN"T one. it went a little something like this...

i started seeing cory in april of 2002. moved to austin with him in august of 2002. fast, i know. but it was obviously meant to be. so fast forward to christmas ever 2003. we are in ft. worth for christmas. he takes me to a jewelry store and tells me to pick out anything i want. i had already been in this particular jewelry store because he had been so kind to buy me some earrings awhile back. when i went in to get said earrings, i spotted a beautiful, antique engagement ring. so, when i cam in on that christmas eve and it was still there, i thought it was fate....not really. luck. just pure luck. let's not make this sound romantic. so, of course, i pounced on it. like a lion on a...whatever it is they pounce on.

cory: "you sure this is what you want?"

me: "yes."

and that was it. we went to my grandma's for christmas eve and it was just assumed that we were getting married. well, it was assumed because i kind of told everyone that we were. i mean, i moved to austin with him. we had an understanding that marriage was to come eventually. and by we, i mean I, had an understanding. so wedding plans began and the next october we were married. there was no down on one knee, will you marry me, i'd be honored if you'd be my wife. nothing. not even a you wanna get hitched or what??? that's probably more along the lines of how it would have been had there been an actual proposal.

but the thing is, i don't think i expected some big romantic gesture from him. he's just not THAT guy. not that there's anything wrong with THAT guy. but when your guys isn't that way, you just don't expect it. and frankly, i don't want it. if he busted out with some romantic, rose petal shit..i' d probably just laugh. it's just not who WE are as a couple. i get that. and because i do, i'm never disappointed. this picture shows just how romantic he is. or isn't.

love ya, babe.

and i'll take "dutch ovens" over rose petals anyday.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

real housewives of....what the HELL is that??

i love all the "real housewives" franchises...some more than others but they are all must see t.v for me. so when the new batch of "housewives" from miami were introduced this week, of course, i was glued to the t.v. from the beginning it was a lot of the same things we've seen before...people with lots of money, talking about how much money they have and obnoxious womens with fake boobs talking about how much they work out to stay looking so good. yada, yada, yada... then, all of a sudden, i almost shot wine through my nose when i saw THIS:


what. the. holy. hell. is. that??????? is that a woman? is that a cat? is it a cat-woman?? i've never seen anything so strange/ridiculous/scary in my life!! who was her plastic surgeon?? edward scissorhands? freddy krueger? and did he work in the dark? and blind-folded?? and on CRACK??? that was enough to give me nightmares, ya'll.

and like all the other "housewives" are these women housewives?? let me tell you about housewives. me and three other housewives just took 8~yes, 8~kids to eat at denny's at five o'clock today because kids eat free on thursdays. they could not wait for us to get out of there. i'm pretty sure that "kids eat free thursdays" will be a thing of the past after today.

THAT is what REAL housewives do.

well, THAT, and drink lots of wine...while watching "real housewives."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


WOW!! have i fallen off the wagon or what??? i can't believe it has been over a year since i've been on here! i would love to say that my time away has been spent helping to cure cancer, feeding the homeless or something way more exciting than my reality. but i felt the need to blog today so here. i. am.

i'm actually sitting here in barnes and noble having some coffee and realized that this is a GREAT place to people watch! talk about an eccentric group. the first to catch my roaming eye was a group of senior men in the cafe area...probably like 8-10 of them. they are all gathered around the small tables, drinking their coffee and chatting away like a bunch of girls! it's like a GNO...but it's in the morning...and they are men...and old. what's really interesting is that there is a young man dead center of all of it..he looks like he's probably in his late teens, early twenties and he looks absolutely LOST. like he's been dropped on another planet or something. poor guy. hope he's learning something.

next up, the creepy guy. know what i'm talking about. there's always that one guy lurking through the aisles..not really looking for anything in particular...just looking. he was just sitting near me over by the magazine rack. just sitting looking at a magazine. i tried very hard to see which one but had no luck. by the way he was dressed i thought he might be homeless but his huge starbucks made me think otherwise. not sure why...i don't see a homeless guy buying a starbucks. he has now gotten up and continued lurking. creeeeepppyyyyy.

and of course, there are all the young mothers bringing their kids to story time. but one grandma particularly caught my eye. and ears. she was pushing, what i presume to be her grandson in the stroller, and was talking on her cell...VERY LOUDLY. have you ever noticed that some older people do that?? they think they have to speak louder when on a cell phone?? meanwhile, the child was screaming away and she wasn't even phased..not sure if she could even hear him over own voice.

i wonder how many people come in here and buy nothing?? i see a lot of people grab a book or magazine, take a seat, read awhile, put it up and they are outta here. is that okay?? can you do that? or do you need to go to a library for such behavior?? thoughts?? anyone??

we know have a man in the magazine section that is a cross between kenny rogers and willie nelson...gray hair and beard but long braided pony tail.

well, we could do this all day.

i wonder if someone is watching me right now??

or you??

happy people watching!!