Wednesday, February 23, 2011


WOW!! have i fallen off the wagon or what??? i can't believe it has been over a year since i've been on here! i would love to say that my time away has been spent helping to cure cancer, feeding the homeless or something way more exciting than my reality. but i felt the need to blog today so here. i. am.

i'm actually sitting here in barnes and noble having some coffee and realized that this is a GREAT place to people watch! talk about an eccentric group. the first to catch my roaming eye was a group of senior men in the cafe area...probably like 8-10 of them. they are all gathered around the small tables, drinking their coffee and chatting away like a bunch of girls! it's like a GNO...but it's in the morning...and they are men...and old. what's really interesting is that there is a young man dead center of all of it..he looks like he's probably in his late teens, early twenties and he looks absolutely LOST. like he's been dropped on another planet or something. poor guy. hope he's learning something.

next up, the creepy guy. know what i'm talking about. there's always that one guy lurking through the aisles..not really looking for anything in particular...just looking. he was just sitting near me over by the magazine rack. just sitting looking at a magazine. i tried very hard to see which one but had no luck. by the way he was dressed i thought he might be homeless but his huge starbucks made me think otherwise. not sure why...i don't see a homeless guy buying a starbucks. he has now gotten up and continued lurking. creeeeepppyyyyy.

and of course, there are all the young mothers bringing their kids to story time. but one grandma particularly caught my eye. and ears. she was pushing, what i presume to be her grandson in the stroller, and was talking on her cell...VERY LOUDLY. have you ever noticed that some older people do that?? they think they have to speak louder when on a cell phone?? meanwhile, the child was screaming away and she wasn't even phased..not sure if she could even hear him over own voice.

i wonder how many people come in here and buy nothing?? i see a lot of people grab a book or magazine, take a seat, read awhile, put it up and they are outta here. is that okay?? can you do that? or do you need to go to a library for such behavior?? thoughts?? anyone??

we know have a man in the magazine section that is a cross between kenny rogers and willie nelson...gray hair and beard but long braided pony tail.

well, we could do this all day.

i wonder if someone is watching me right now??

or you??

happy people watching!!

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~Kara~ said...

ha! good call on the read and dash... I enjoy taking the girls to the kids area, have them play and mess it all up, then leave.