Saturday, February 26, 2011

a non-romantic love story...

my husband is not a romantic person...i LOVE him more than anything and i'm so glad that i'm married to him but when it comes to the romance department...not a lot going on. perfect example: our engagement story. oh, wait. there ISN"T one. it went a little something like this...

i started seeing cory in april of 2002. moved to austin with him in august of 2002. fast, i know. but it was obviously meant to be. so fast forward to christmas ever 2003. we are in ft. worth for christmas. he takes me to a jewelry store and tells me to pick out anything i want. i had already been in this particular jewelry store because he had been so kind to buy me some earrings awhile back. when i went in to get said earrings, i spotted a beautiful, antique engagement ring. so, when i cam in on that christmas eve and it was still there, i thought it was fate....not really. luck. just pure luck. let's not make this sound romantic. so, of course, i pounced on it. like a lion on a...whatever it is they pounce on.

cory: "you sure this is what you want?"

me: "yes."

and that was it. we went to my grandma's for christmas eve and it was just assumed that we were getting married. well, it was assumed because i kind of told everyone that we were. i mean, i moved to austin with him. we had an understanding that marriage was to come eventually. and by we, i mean I, had an understanding. so wedding plans began and the next october we were married. there was no down on one knee, will you marry me, i'd be honored if you'd be my wife. nothing. not even a you wanna get hitched or what??? that's probably more along the lines of how it would have been had there been an actual proposal.

but the thing is, i don't think i expected some big romantic gesture from him. he's just not THAT guy. not that there's anything wrong with THAT guy. but when your guys isn't that way, you just don't expect it. and frankly, i don't want it. if he busted out with some romantic, rose petal shit..i' d probably just laugh. it's just not who WE are as a couple. i get that. and because i do, i'm never disappointed. this picture shows just how romantic he is. or isn't.

love ya, babe.

and i'll take "dutch ovens" over rose petals anyday.


Marisa said...

Great story, Tracie! The picture is perfect too!!

HMitch76 said...

Lol @ picture & story. My marriae proposal was non existent too. It was "want to get married?" I'm definitely not a romantic so on the few occassions my husband tries to be romantic I just laugh and remind him that I'm not that girl. I'd appreciate help with house work & kids over flowers or whatever else romantic people do. I do draw the line at dutch ovens. you're on your own with that one!