Wednesday, September 30, 2009

best. commercial. EVER......

okay, okay...i promise, i'll post something of my own soon! but i just saw this commercial and it's sooooo funny! enjoy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

a funny for your monday....

most of you have probably seen this because it's been posted on facebook several times. but it is soooo funny!

Friday, September 18, 2009

these definately aren't your mom's cartoons....

with two little ones in the house, we watch a lot of kid's shows. our t.v. goes back and forth between nickelodeon, noggin and the disney channel ALL day long. and one thing i've noticed is that cartoons are definately not what they used to be. anyone remember the smurfs? i LOVED me some smurfs on saturday morning. it never occured to me to find it strange that there was all those male smurfs and just one smurfette. or how come gargimel was always torturing the poor smurfs relentlessly despite the fact that there was only of him and a million and one smurfs. and why were they blue?? anyhoo, back to the cartoons of today. after watching so many of these, i've drawn my own conclusions about some things...consider this a kind of "true hollywood story" on the world of kid's televesion entertainment.

dora the explorer~now, this chic has it figured out...she has learned that all a gal needs is to surround herself with a great group of friends, a token "gay"~you did know that tico, the squirrel is gay, right?? no straight man, i mean, squirrel, could pull off that vest...come on~and a stylish, functional bag can get you through anything life throws at you. her bff, boots, well, the jury is still out on his sexual preference...after all, he does wear red ugg boots...i'm just sayin'

max and ruby~i truly don't understand the appeal of this one. but mackenzie absolutely flips her shit when it's on and i hear that a lot of her friends are the same way. first off, where are these kids parents??? seriously? they live all alone? and what's up with the grandma who pops in every now and then, i guess to make sure they are still alive? is it just me, or does she seem drunk most of the time?? and ruby is such a little beotch...she never lets max speak and never lets him play with his own shit...her and louise are always trying to make him play dress-up or pretend he's a baby. i'm waiting for max to grow a pair and tell his bossy sister to back the f' off. now that's an episode i don't want to miss.

yo gabba gabba~three letters pretty much sums this one up: LSD...whoever came up with that one has taken a lot of it.

sesame street~this one has been around for a LONG time and i've heard a lot of theories out there about how the characters are developed to teach the children about diversity. for example, i've heard that oscar, the grouch, is a homeless person. well, duh. he lives in a trashcan, people. burt and ernie? totally a gay couple. not that there's anything wrong with that. the count? totally a major case of OCD. all that counting and the numbers!! it's madness! cookie monster? obviously suffering from an eating disorder. big bird? schizophrenic...NO one else can see snuffy??? totally makes sense, doesn't it??

spongebob squarepants~this is a fave in our house right now. mac wants to watch it all the time. i have to say, i don't get this one. i mean, WHAT is he exactly? and is it just me or does squidward look and act like a major drunk?

we've come a long way since bugs bunny...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and the "douchey" goes to....

wikipedia defines a douche bag as a piece of equipment for douching-a bag for holding the fluid used in douching. HOWEVER, for the sake of this post, douche bag is defined as a man that is a complete idiot, tool, moron, get the picture. their should be an awards show that hands out awards~the douchey~to these ass clowns. i've compiled a list of some who's douchey meters were off the charts here recently. and the nominees are:

south carolina governor mark sanford~now many of you may not know this douche bag. he's the south carolina governor who was having an affair with a woman in argentina. now that alone, is pretty douchey, but infidelity seems to be a pre-requisite for a life in politics. but this dumb ass, had the audacity, to explain that he had met his soul mate~the mistress~but was going to try to fall back in love with his wife. now if that didn't make his wife feel all warm and fuzzy inside i don't know what would. if i were his wife, he would have come home to all his shit on the front law...and a one-way ticket to argentina.

congressman joe wilson~this tool actually called the president of the united states a liar~in the middle of his speech. i mean, that's pre-school don't interrupt the teacher when they are talking. he should have raised his hand like a good little congressman and waited until he was called on to speak. i feel the punishment should fit the crime...he should have had to sit in the corner and think about what he did.

joe jackson~just a few days after losing his son~it may have been the very next day~mr. father of the year was seen at an awards show, plugging upcoming artist on his record label. now, this really shouldn't be much of a shock...he's not exactly know for his outstanding parenting abilities. but COME ON!

kanye west~his latest tirade at the VMAs really shouldn't shock anyone. this long-time douche bag has been known to say some of the most ridiculous things. a few examples:

"george bush doesn't care about black people."

"If I don`t win Album of the Year, I`m gonna have a problem with that... I said I was the face of the Grammys last year. [This year] I`m 10 times that!"

"i realize that my place and position in history is that i will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade."

poor, poor kanye....he should really see someone about that self-esteem problem.

and last but definitely NOT least........

jon gosselin~now, when i first started watching "jon and kate plus 8" i admit that kate seemed pretty bitchy...she was kind of bossy and was a tad bit OCD...but after watching, you realize that she kind of has to be..she's raising 8 kids! and her husband didn't seem to get much of a fire under his ass about anything. still, when they divorced, you expected him to be his usual boring, woe-is-me, self but he has turned into DOUCHE BAG EXTRAORDINAIRE! with those earrings and wearing all that ed hardy crap?? running around with all these different women..announcing on television~that his kids will see someday~that he despises their mother?! say what you want about kate...everyone is dogging her for making all these appearances and trying to make a living...well, yeah, she's a single mom of 8. she's gotta make a living somehow. i say go "team kate" with your reverse, spikey mullet hair-do.

and their you have it...these are the douche bags of the moment..

who would YOU add to the list???

are you there, oprah???

for those of you that aren't on "crackbook" i had a very exciting afternoon today! i received an email from someone with the "oprah" show who found my blog through google while doing research for an upcoming show. uh, i called her back IMMEDIATELY! and it was a DIRECT line...i wasn't even put on hold! it's the little things, people! anyway, the show is about moms who are in a rut and don't actually enjoy staying home with the kids. after further discussion we decided that wasn't me....i may complain a little....okay....A LOT...but i do love staying home with my kiddos. and most days, i really mean it. but she did say she would keep my information in case they could use me for something else.

sooooooo, now that i know that the divine ms. O is reading...i know that she is not actually reading herself but a girl can dream...or be delusional...right?? anyway, i MUST be more diligent about posting on here!! you never know who's reading!!

so stay tuned for my next post coming straight to you tonight! it's going to be a good one!!