Monday, July 30, 2007

lookin' for some big love....

ok, so cory and i watch this show called "big love" on hbo~we love it. it's a show about a guy and his three (yes, three) wives. they are polygamist who live in utah~go figure! anyway, we really love this show. we've been watching it for several seasons now and cory has always teased me about getting a second wife. at first, i have to admit, i was offended! i mean, i'm not enough for him??? he needs another wife to make him happy?? another woman to pick up his crap and bitch about his snoring?? but after watching the show and really giving it some serious thought, they may be on to something. how many times have you wished you could clone yourself just to get more done in a day?? and how many things would you love to put off on someone else but no one is willing to step in and do it?? these women on the show, they call each other "sister wives" are really close and really love and care for each other. yeah, they have their differences but what marriage doesn't, right? atleast if you had a "sister" wife, you'd have a live-in girlfriend! someone to always be there to listen to you bitch about your/her husband! chances are, she'd have the same complaints. and just think, if you got to hand pick her yourself~which cory swears i could do! you don't feel like cooking one night, call the sister wife! too tired for laundry, you're up sister! now the only tricky part, i guess, would be the sex thing. i mean just because i don't feel like having sex with my husband doesn't mean i want some other woman doing it. but then again, if she cleans my toilets when she's done..well...........................
have a good night! and check out "big love" we'll be taking applications soon! ha! ha!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

i do not need a shrink!!!!

my husband overheard me saying a few things about myself the other day and is now convinced I'm crazy. while we were getting ready to go out, i made the comment that i hated my hair. i wasn't really even talking to him, it was more thinking out loud. a few minutes later, in the car, while staring at my un-manicured nails, i said, "i hate my hands!" i also make regular remarks about hating my face as well. now let me explain. when i say i hate my hair, that usually means it is not doing what i want it to do~much like my kids and my husband most of the time! when i say i hate my hands, it means that i wish i could get more manicures. and i hate my face really means i hate these ugly brown spots brought on by birth control and pregnancy! so he thinks i am crazy and should see a shrink! he's serious!! i take offense because i feel i am no more crazy than any other woman who is married and raising kids! i try and explain to him that i'm a female and we all have things about ourselves that we don't like. right?? i mean, if you don't, well, i'm going to choose to believe that you do. even the most beautiful people in the world must have something about themselves that they don't like. i choose to believe so because that makes me hate them less...kidding. so cory believes i really need to see someone about this! whatever. this is coming from the man who thinks pretty highly of himself...once, i was looking at my bible, aka us weekly, and saw a picture of matthew mcconaughey (yum) and he had on a pair of ut shorts. i pointed it out to my husband and he rips the magazine away and stares at it for about 30 seconds. he then proceeds to tell me that he really should work out because he's a better looking guy than matt mc. oooookkkkk. yeah, honey. and the only difference between me and pam anderson are the huge water balloons she calls her breasts!!
so please, ladies, next time you see my husband, toss out something you don't like about yourself so he knows i'm not crazy. well, atleast not crazy about that!
and besides, why would i go to a shrink. that's what i got my girls for. it's free and you'll drink with me.
have a great night! mine will be~already on glass number 1!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

i need my mommy!!!

ok, i don't know how it is at your house, but at mine, when my husband is sick, he expects the world to stop and everyone in the house to wait on him hand and foot! so yesterday, i started feeling bad and by the time he got home about 6:30, i knew i was getting sick. now, i don't get sick very often because the "mom" just can't get sick. that's just unheard of~i mean who will do everything (and that is a lot) that she does around here??? now, let me say this, when i'm sick or even just have a headache, ashlen is always there asking if i need anything~water, medicine, seriously, ANYTHING! she's great to have around. but she's also 17, works all week so when she wanted to go hang out with her friend today, i didn't want to stop her. after all, cory and blake just got home from playing golf so they would chase this monster (cleverly disguised as this adorable 18 month old) around the house. right? i mean i am sick and when cory is sick, he stays home from his job and lays on the time for three days straight, claiming to have a stomach ache (do adults really use that anymore...isn't that supposed to be for little kids that can't come up with anything better???) and played tiger woods on the xbox 360 the whole time. so, now i'm sick and i'll get to take off from my job and rest. ha! what was i thinking?? at one point, i was in bed watching t.v. where i've been since 8:00 last night, and i thought mac was in the living room with cory. i started to hear a little voice saying "mama,mama,mama" and it sounded like it was behind a closed door. i started looking for mac to find she had shut herself in the laundry room and the floor was covered with detergent. great. i then go to the couch to find my husband...TAKING A NAP!!! WTF??????????????????? i have a fever, feel like crap and now i have a mess to clean up??? because anyone that knows me, i'm pretty anal about messess. i can't just go back to bed and pretend it's not there...i've got to clean it now. so i drag out the vacuum cleaner, wishing it had a button that made it louder so it would wake my husband up and clean up the mess. no such luck, he slept right through it. oh, did i mention that blake is asleep, too, on my bed??? i guess this is really the first time i have been sick since having mac and i've learned something.....moms don't get sick days~there is no calling in and taking the day off because you are ill. oh no, we show up anyway~there's no laying on the couch playing video games and having people wait on you. unless ashlen is around. she'll make a great mom someday. that's who i mom. because only your mom understands how much motherhood takes out of you and how much you give and give.
so that's my rant for the day. have a good week!

Friday, July 20, 2007


hello to everyone. i'm new at this blog thing but it seems to be the best way to keep in touch and let people know what's happening with us! hope you enjoy it! i'll try and keep it updated!

we've got some major stuff going on here....we are building a house on the 18th hole in Avery Ranch. we've turned in the signed paper work and a check so they should be starting soon! i'm super excited...especially about going to the design center and picking out everything! what are the chances cory will let me go by myself???? i know he really doesn't care about things like door knobs or faucets but he'll disagree with the ones i pick just because they are the ones that i like!!

kids are doing great. ashlen is working up at the dealership, blake is playing golf~just shot a 75 the other day~and mackenzie is in to everything all the time! she never stops, unless she is asleep and then i still hear her talking in ther sleep!! cory is working hard~he's over 5 dealerships now~one that is in Rosenburg which he travels to on tuesdays! he's staying very busy!

as for me, well, i'm just here running the house, picking up after everyone~except for ashlen~we are the only two in the house that know how to put our things where they belong!!!!

that's all for now.....have a great weekend!!!