Thursday, July 26, 2007

i do not need a shrink!!!!

my husband overheard me saying a few things about myself the other day and is now convinced I'm crazy. while we were getting ready to go out, i made the comment that i hated my hair. i wasn't really even talking to him, it was more thinking out loud. a few minutes later, in the car, while staring at my un-manicured nails, i said, "i hate my hands!" i also make regular remarks about hating my face as well. now let me explain. when i say i hate my hair, that usually means it is not doing what i want it to do~much like my kids and my husband most of the time! when i say i hate my hands, it means that i wish i could get more manicures. and i hate my face really means i hate these ugly brown spots brought on by birth control and pregnancy! so he thinks i am crazy and should see a shrink! he's serious!! i take offense because i feel i am no more crazy than any other woman who is married and raising kids! i try and explain to him that i'm a female and we all have things about ourselves that we don't like. right?? i mean, if you don't, well, i'm going to choose to believe that you do. even the most beautiful people in the world must have something about themselves that they don't like. i choose to believe so because that makes me hate them less...kidding. so cory believes i really need to see someone about this! whatever. this is coming from the man who thinks pretty highly of himself...once, i was looking at my bible, aka us weekly, and saw a picture of matthew mcconaughey (yum) and he had on a pair of ut shorts. i pointed it out to my husband and he rips the magazine away and stares at it for about 30 seconds. he then proceeds to tell me that he really should work out because he's a better looking guy than matt mc. oooookkkkk. yeah, honey. and the only difference between me and pam anderson are the huge water balloons she calls her breasts!!
so please, ladies, next time you see my husband, toss out something you don't like about yourself so he knows i'm not crazy. well, atleast not crazy about that!
and besides, why would i go to a shrink. that's what i got my girls for. it's free and you'll drink with me.
have a great night! mine will be~already on glass number 1!


The Nowell's said...

You are not crazy! Men are so strange sometimes! I totally get what you are saying! Sounds like we need a spa day not a shrink :) Just remember you are truly beautiful inside and out! Thanks for being such a great friend/shrink. Cheers!

mamakris said...

Amen SISTA!!!! If he thinks THAT's crazy.....HUH! He has no idea. He needs to watch a little more Wife Swap. You really should go on that show just so he has to live with a dirty, sloppy, lazy wife who expects breakfast in bed every morning. That would be awesome!!! ~ kristin