Sunday, July 22, 2007

i need my mommy!!!

ok, i don't know how it is at your house, but at mine, when my husband is sick, he expects the world to stop and everyone in the house to wait on him hand and foot! so yesterday, i started feeling bad and by the time he got home about 6:30, i knew i was getting sick. now, i don't get sick very often because the "mom" just can't get sick. that's just unheard of~i mean who will do everything (and that is a lot) that she does around here??? now, let me say this, when i'm sick or even just have a headache, ashlen is always there asking if i need anything~water, medicine, seriously, ANYTHING! she's great to have around. but she's also 17, works all week so when she wanted to go hang out with her friend today, i didn't want to stop her. after all, cory and blake just got home from playing golf so they would chase this monster (cleverly disguised as this adorable 18 month old) around the house. right? i mean i am sick and when cory is sick, he stays home from his job and lays on the time for three days straight, claiming to have a stomach ache (do adults really use that anymore...isn't that supposed to be for little kids that can't come up with anything better???) and played tiger woods on the xbox 360 the whole time. so, now i'm sick and i'll get to take off from my job and rest. ha! what was i thinking?? at one point, i was in bed watching t.v. where i've been since 8:00 last night, and i thought mac was in the living room with cory. i started to hear a little voice saying "mama,mama,mama" and it sounded like it was behind a closed door. i started looking for mac to find she had shut herself in the laundry room and the floor was covered with detergent. great. i then go to the couch to find my husband...TAKING A NAP!!! WTF??????????????????? i have a fever, feel like crap and now i have a mess to clean up??? because anyone that knows me, i'm pretty anal about messess. i can't just go back to bed and pretend it's not there...i've got to clean it now. so i drag out the vacuum cleaner, wishing it had a button that made it louder so it would wake my husband up and clean up the mess. no such luck, he slept right through it. oh, did i mention that blake is asleep, too, on my bed??? i guess this is really the first time i have been sick since having mac and i've learned something.....moms don't get sick days~there is no calling in and taking the day off because you are ill. oh no, we show up anyway~there's no laying on the couch playing video games and having people wait on you. unless ashlen is around. she'll make a great mom someday. that's who i mom. because only your mom understands how much motherhood takes out of you and how much you give and give.
so that's my rant for the day. have a good week!

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Shauna Glenn said...

i totally feel your pain!
men generally suck!!!!!