Friday, June 13, 2008

not this time, buddy.....

when i was pregnant with mackenzie~i believe it was september~so i was like, 7 months pregnant~and cory got a trip to pebble beach. i graciously bowed out and decided to let him take one of his younger brothers with him. after all, they were going to be playing a lot of golf and visiting some wineries. let's face it...who wants to go visit a place FULL of great wine when you can't have ANY of it?? so off they went and had a great time. well, fast forward two years later~or to now~and he calls me the other day to tell me that he got another trip back to pebble beach. the conversation went a little something like this:

cory: guess what?

me: what?

cory: looks like i got another trip to pebble beach this year!

me: oh, really. that's good.

cory: and, yeah, you're pregnant...again!

me: so??

cory: well, you don't want to go pregnant, right?

me: uh....yes. i'm going this time. this will probably be the last kid-free vacation we take in a VEEEEEERRRY LOOOOOOONG time. i'm going.

cory: well, i'm going to be playing a lot of golf and getting really drunk....

me: i'm going.

after that, he had the brilliant suggestion that we take mackenzie with us. now, this trip is directly following our trip to mexico~as a family~for my brother's wedding. so after battling mac in mexico for 4 days, i will so be in need of another vacation. let's face it..traveling with toddlers is not exactly a vacation....yes, it's a change of scenery but it's the same work you do day in and day out but it's even harder because you are in a different place without the comforts and conveniences of home. so i shot down that idea real quick...absolutely not!! not happening. i'm not about to be stuck in a hotel room all day with a bored toddler while he's playing golf and sipping wine. no, sir!

and i could kind of sense that he was a little disappointed that i wanted to go....i'm sure he wanted me to bow out again and let a fellow golfer go in my place. HA! not this time! my happy, pregnant ass is going to pebble beach!

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dnoska said...

Oh, yes ma'am, you are going!