Sunday, June 8, 2008

new favorite show....

mackenzie and i have a new favorite show...jon and kate plus 8. if you've never seen it, you got to check it out. it makes me want to never complain about how hectic my life is again!! mac likes to watch all the kids..she loves it! what amazes me is they have six~yes, six~3 year olds. and they all mind so well...they tell them to do something and they, like, do it. they even have chores...they sweep up crumbs. ok, my two teenagers don't even know where we keep the broom, much less how to use it! i had to show ashlen how to use the phone book about a year ago. yes, the phone book...that big book full of numbers that we always used growing up because we didn't dare call 1411. not when there was a perfectly good phone book you could use. watching this show really makes me think i'm not doing a very good job with mackenzie...i mean, i tell her to clean up something half a dozen times and after she doesn't do it, i do it for her. and i know she knows what clean up means...she knows a whole song about it and she does it at school when the teachers tell her to. and get this...they put all their kids to bed~in their own beds~AND THEY STAY THERE!!!! mackenzie was doing very well in her own bed until about a month ago. since then, she has been sleeping with us. i'm not sure how it all started. but when it did, i was in my first trimester and was absolutely EXHAUSTED and didn't have the energy to do anything about it. and cory is no help...he's wanted her to sleep with us since day one. so she's staying up much later than she should be but not sleeping much later in the morning so come noon, she's a TERROR!! and it's hard to stay on a routine since there's no school. i know, i know..i've created a monster and it's all my fault. i'll just add it to the LONG list of things i said i'd NEVER do with my kids but have done. like, i never understood when i'd hear people say, "oh, we don't take our two year old out to eat." my first thought was always, what??? why don't you make your kids mind?? duh. but now, i understand. it's just much easier not to go unless you have to. she is getting better in public, though. i've taken her to the store a few times recently and she's done really well.
anyway, cory was watching the show with us the other night and he looked over to me and said, "i'm in...let's do it." i told him that if he wants 8 kids, then he needs a few more wives. period.
and today, he had the bright idea that next time~which i'm not convinced that there will be a NEXT time~we should try fertility drugs..just to see what happens.

the scary thing is.....HE'S TOTALLY SERIOUS.  i think he'd be totally ecstatic about having 8-10 kids. 

hey, why not?? it's not his vagina, they're shooting out of.

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