Tuesday, June 10, 2008

some words of advise.....

for those of you who do not watch "the bachelerotte" the following will not make a lot of sense. but for those of you who do, i'm sure you'll share my feelings.

to ron: he actually got booted last week. he made the comment afterwards, "deanna did not reject me, she just picked other guys. that's all. i didn't get rejected, she just picked other guys." hey, buddy, grab a dictionary and look up rejection. put any kind of spin on it you want, but you got rejected. dumbass.

to graham: now, he's still in the game but i have a tip for him: when a beautiful woman, who you are fighting several other men for, asks you to kiss her, YOU DO IT! don't give some lame excuse that you don't want to kiss her because you know she's kissing other dudes. YOU ARE A MAN...YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO CARE ABOUT THAT! so grow a pair and do it.

to robert: he got the boot last night and CRIED in the limo. are you kidding me???? you just met this chic and you are CRYING because she sent you home??? she should have sent your pansy ass home a long time ago.

i have to say, i'm rooting for jason, the single daddy. he's cute, sweet and seems sincere. he does talk about "chemistry" and "having a connection" but i still like him.

for the rest of them...enjoy bachelorhood. you'll be residing there for a loooooong time.


Mike & Lindsay said...

I like Jason too. However, I was sad to see big Brian go. I had a crush on that one!

is it five o'clock yet? said...