Tuesday, June 3, 2008

it's a good day....

i have been in a real funk lately...not sure what it is..the pregnancy, maybe? but i just haven't been motivated to do much of anything lately, blogging included. so i've been waiting and waiting for something to lift my spirits and get me back to my old self again and today....i got it. you see, today, tuesday, june 3, 2008 will now be known as the day that we officially found out that THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT HILLARY CLINTON WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT!!!! atleast not for the next 4 years. hallelujah! as of know, obama only needs 4 more delegates to receive the nomination. if i could drink, i'd have a glass of champagne to celebrate...that's how excited i am about it. 
in other news, i saw "sex and the city" and it was AWESOME! i can not rave about this movie enough!! now, i do think that even if you did not watch the series, you would still enjoy it. but if you watched the series, like myself, you are so connected to these characters and their story lines that you will absolutely love the movie. it is great!! i was at the theater before the doors were even unlocked on friday morning..i bought my tickets online in advance. there were all these groups of woman that had gathered to watch the movie together...it was pretty cool. and then there were a few men there as well. now, i spoke with one who said he was there because he actually liked the show. ok. i can totally accept that. but i could tell a few men were there because they were dragged....kicking and screaming, i'm sure. i do believe that this movie would be better enjoyed watched with your girlfriends...or your mom, who went with me to see it. she has only seen a few epidodes and really enjoyed the movie. my dad made fun of it but little did he know that my sister told my mom that she catches him watching it at night in the living room. cory has even been known to watch a few episodes. but still, go with the girls. 
saw another movie on sunday~i know~i'm partying like a rock star!! you see, to a pregnant woman with a toddler, two movies in one weekend, IS partying like a rock star. i saw "the strangers." now, if you don't like scary movies~which i love~than this is not the movie for you. it was definitely scary because it is totally believable that it could happen. and now that i'm in some what decent shape, i can watch these type of movies and know that i have a fighting chance if someone is chasing me with a knife...see a previous blog for explanation.
so that's all i got right now. hopefully my mood will lighten and i'll be blogging more. i do aim to please.
happy tuesday night!

p.s. oh, and i'm excited about a new show starting on thursday night called "swingtown." it takes place in the 70's and it's about swingers. juicy!

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