Tuesday, April 29, 2008

zits, frequent urination, a mighty fine burger and norbit

if i needed any more confirmation that i was with child, i got it this past week...all over my face. my face is sooo broken out it's disgusting. i like look a pre-teen on the verge of puberty. i do remember breaking out when i was pregnant with blake~but i was so young. and i didn't break out with mackenzie. this is ridiculous. and i don't remember having to go to the bathroom so often this early in the pregnancy. seems i can't make it from point a to point b without having to pee. i don't understand all those women who talk about how they loved being pregnant. the only good thing i can think of is feeling the baby move~but that doesn't out weigh all the negative..atleast not for me.
so my trainer, of all people, had told me about this place i had to try called "mighty fine burger." i was over by it today so i tried it out. oh. my. gosh. it was amazing. the burger was so good...and the fries...they were homemade and soooo greasy...just the kind of stuff that i've been craving. it was a mighty fine burger, indeed. and something that really impressed me was their bathroom~which of course, i had to use during the whopping 20 minutes i was there. it wasn't just clean, it was fancy. and this is not a fancy place...the concept is pretty simple. long picnic, style tables, self-serve drink station, etc. but the bathroom had the prettiest light fixtures, faux granite counter tops...if it weren't for the stalls, i would think i was in a friend's bathroom. it was that nice. i'm not sure if they are just in austin or what. but if you get a chance, it's definately worth going...and check out the john.
mackenzie has a new favorite movie and you'll never guess what it is...well, you probably will since i put it in the title. it's "norbit." yes, the movie with eddie murphy. she absolutely loves it...watches it all the time. we watched it for the first time probably about a year ago and she happened to be laying down with us. she couldn't take her eyes off of it. then, not too long ago, we caught it on cable~or i should say, cory did~i don't watch crap like that...i'm too busy watching crap like "rock of love" and "the bachelor." and she's been hooked on it ever since. i even had to buy it at target the other day...she saw it and was not gonna let it go. but all toddlers like eddie murphy, right?
so that's what's happening around here.  gotta go pee! happy tuesday!

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HMitch said...

Ha Ha! My little girl (who's just two months older than Mackenzie) loves Big Mommas House 2. Maybe its something about black men in fat suits pretending to be women. Who knows, she's currently into watching Alvin & the Chipmunks over and over again.