Friday, April 11, 2008

the pregnant "man"....

so unless you live under a rock~or don't watch as much t.v. as i do or read people magazine religiously~you have heard about the pregnant "man." now i say man, but in the physical sense, he/she is still a woman. quick background: was born a woman, began transtitioning to be man in his twenties, married a woman who could not have kids due to a hysterectomy, got a donor, and decided to have baby himself. now let me just say that i'm supportive of this...i try not to judge. if this is what they choose to do, great. god knows, there are many, many people out there who don't deserve kids and have no business having if these people can love a child and give it a great, loving home then more power to them. but my thing is, this man has lived as a woman, physically, for over 30 years. therefore, he has experienced menstrual cycle and the ever-so-wonderful, menstrual cramp...which let's face it, it's no labor pain, but still more than most men we know could handle. so here's my thought: if it were up to my husband to procreate in this would not happen. period. end of discussion. no way. no how. never. my husband once told me that if he saw a drop of blood come from his penis, he would run down the street screaming, proclaiming that he was dying. and i don't believe that he was exaggerating or kidding. he gets a sinus infection and wants to visit the e.r. no joke. there is no way in hell i could convince him to have a child. even with all the good drugs you get to take...he wouldn't even consider it. yeah, i've heard men say, "well, if i could carry the baby, i would." bullshit. they just say that because they know there is no way in hell that could ever happen!! now, my husband will read this blog, call me and say something like this, "i would do it. i could do it. no problem." all they while knowing that he is full of shit..i have a pretty low pain tolerance and i think his might be a few nothces below mine. i remember when i was about to pop with mac, he would look at my stomach and say, "that just looks like it hurts." you think? and no matter how uncomfortable you are in those last months, it's nothing compared to being on your back, feet in the stirrups, trying to squeeze a watermelon out of a hole that's just used to secrete liquids!! there is no way my husband is having any of that..i don't care what he says.
so, to the pregnant "man" i say, good luck. it will be interesting to see if decides to do it again..i think he'll be playing the "man" card in no time.

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