Tuesday, April 22, 2008

yup, i'm pregnant...

so i was at heb today getting some groceries and i was getting some meat from the deli. as always, they had some samples available. it was some cajun roast beef and baby swiss cheese, cut into small cubes. i helped myself and i swear it was the best thing i had ever eaten..so i ordered some to take home....while helping myself to some more of the samples. hey, as much money as i spend in there, i should be able to eat that whole tray with no judgement!! i take my meat and cheese and finish my shopping. all the while, i keep thinking about that roast beef and cheese. this is how i am when i'm pregnant~once i get something in my head that sounds good, i have to have it...RIGHT THEN! so i hurry up and finish up, check out, and get to the car. i grab the bag with the magic meat and cheese and tear it open. i grab a slice of meat and a slice of cheese...and these aren't small slices. i roll it up, like a wrap, minus the tortilla, and chow down, while driving down the street. it was soooo fat and soooooo good. now, i like roast beef and swiss cheese..however, i don't believe i have ever CRAVED them quite like this. they tasted wonderful.
so if i was in any denial about being pregnant, it's over now. as if that wasn't enough, this morning when i stopped at the cleaners, the sweet girl that works there~who i had told i was pregnant (i feel the more people i tell, the faster it will sink in~i've told total strangers)~got down to eye-belly level and said, "yup, i can see it a little bit." what????? that's news to me!! although they do say that with each pregnancy, you show quicker and considering this is my third child, i was probably showing the morning after conception.
and i'm craving all the things i have been so good about giving up...greasy fast-food hamburgers~more specifically mcdonald's quarter pounder with cheese~cupcakes, and any kind of cobbler with vanilla ice cream. so it probably wasn't a baby bump the girls was seeing...i'm probably just putting on fat from all the crap i'm eating. but, the baby wants what the baby wants.
so if you see me driving down the road, juggling a piece of roast beef and a cupcake, you'll know why. i'm pregnant.

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