Friday, April 4, 2008

life at the brewer house....

well, we are all moved in. everything is out of the old house and we just got to get it ready to sell. everything went relatively smoothly...we did have some plumbing issues...let's just say that things were going down the toilet but were coming back up in various other the shower. needless to say it was a "shitty" situation but it's all fixed now.
now i have the task of getting things put on the wall..which is a chore. i hate hanging things. i feel like i never get them straight. and we have to get something on these windows. i've almost given the guys on the 18th green a nice show...well, i say nice, that's probably a matter of opinion.
and just when i thought things couldn't get more hectic around here, if just found out that i'm about 6 weeks pregnant. it didn't even dawn on me that i had missed my period until my husband informed me that i've been really bitchy lately (matter of opinion). so i realized that i hadn't had one since the end of february. went to cvs, got a pregnancy test and i'm pregnant. so my question is: if i'm bitchy because i'm pregnant, what's his damn excuse?? i'm still in shock and a glass of wine would be great to take the edge off but now that's off limits. gotta find a new vice..looks like i'll be returning to peanut butter m&m's for the next 9 months.
gotta run....gotta take a shower and go look for some furniture.

have a great weekend.

p.s. and for those that are curious, i will continue to work out during my pregnancy. i never did with my other two so it will be interesting to see how different it is. and i'm not feeling sick at all so as long as that keeps up, i should be fine to keep going.


Marijo said...

Tracy...Congratulations! Tell Cory the same. How exciting. So which room will be the baby's? Are you going to kick Ash out?:)

~Kara~ said...

Hi Tracy, long time no see :) I read your blog every once in a while, and OMG, 6wks! Congrats! Uh- You are going to be one busy lady ~ or crazy lady, one of the two. Maybe both. ;)

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HMitch said...