Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it's that time again....

spring is almost here...it's starting to get warmer during the day, staying lighter later and we are starting to break out our warm weather wardrobe. so, ladies, you know what that means?? oh, yes..it's time to start shaving above the knee. we've been just getting by all winter by shaving below the knee~if even shaving at all~but no more. this dawned on me yesterday while i was in the shower pondering on putting some shorts on to take mac to swim lessons. after all, it was almost 90 freakin' degrees yesterday. so as i started to shave, instinctively stopping at the knee, it hit me...oh crap, i've got to shave my thighs. and then you know what comes next...the bikini area! and that really sucks because it always gets red and irritated.  i've tried the wax and it was not worth it...hurt like hell. and still got red and irritated.  some of you may shave year round..good for you. i'm not one of them. why is it that you couldn't wait as a young girl to start shaving and now it's such a beating to do it. i hate it.
and speaking of warm weather...what's up with the shorts these days?? it's like they come in only two lengths...yes, those are my ass cheeks hanging out or "golden girls" style below the knee...what's up with that? if you were to ask my husband, he'd say the ass cheekers are fine..they are not...but i don't think my 14 year old wants me strolling up to his football game wearing my daisy dukes. in fact, i don't think...i know for a fact that he would be so disgusted with me if i did that. don't get me wrong...i do believe that there are plenty of women, my age and older, who have bodies great enough to wear those. should they? absolutely not!! but seriously, that's all you can find. so to all my girlfriends~or people i don't know that read my blog~if you have found any good shorts that are not too short or too long, pleeeeeease let me know where to find them!! 
well, after my official weigh-in on friday, i've lost 5 pounds in a four week period. not bad. it's the diet that has made the biggest difference. i'm telling you..it sucks getting used to it but the results are awesome. i feel so much better now that i'm not putting crap into my body...except the 3 mexican martinis i had friday night. definately not on my diet but definately worth it.
well, gotta run for now...have a great tuesday evening.

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castababy said...

Try the JCrew 5" chinos. They are a great length and very flattering.