Thursday, February 21, 2008

deja vu...

as cory turned on fox news this morning, we saw john mccain claiming he had not had an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist. my first question was "is it a male or female?" you never know...he could have been trolling public bathrooms for some action. but it is a woman and the odd thing is, she looks just like his wife...only younger. i hate to be pessimistic, but he probably did it..that's the funny thing about the media...they usually get it right. it may take a while for the truth to be confirmed but in the end, it usually is. anyway, the funny thing about this press conference was the look on his wife's face. she stood there with a forced smile, her glances going back and forth from her husband and the flashing cameras, trying to look supportive. you know all the while, she's no good son of a bitch. i know your ass did it. and know you've been caught with your pants down and i'm up here looking like a total hillary freakin' clinton. and you know if bill clinton was watching, he's yelling at the tv, "lie and deny, john...lie and deny." he was probably getting his knob polished while watching...after all, his wife is here in austin. i'm watching the debate right now and i do believe that barack is kicking hillary's ass. there is something very calming about his voice...and something very annoying about hers. it kills me that she believes because she is married~or pretends to be married~to a former president, that makes her qualified to be president. i guess that means i can run car dealerships. after all, that's what my husband does. i wonder if she called mrs. mccain up and offered her some advice on how to deal with this scandal. would have loved to hear that conversation. 
what i don't understand is why do these men think they are not going to get caught..they've seen it happen time and time again. these women are gonna talk to anyone that will listen. 
speaking of women who talk, it's mom's night out tomorrow night! we are going to dinner and doing a thong exchange. we did an ornament exhcange at xmas and had so much fun with it, we decided to do thongs. it will be a lot of fun. i can't wait!
i have not had any wine this week because we are getting weighed and measured at boot camp in the morning. i'm hoping to see some progress. i'm thinking of signing up for the next boot camp starting in april. i've really enjoyed it.
ok, i'm going to listen to more of the debate and go to bed. have a good one!

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