Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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i don't know if you have heard about the two mentally retarded women who were used as suicide bombers. and i say USED because they lacked the capacity to make that decision for themselves. to the fucking, low life pieces of shit responsible for this, i hope you burn in hell. there are no words to describe how disgusted i am at this. a lot of you know that i have a sister with downs syndrome who i absolutely adore...i'm pretty sure i spoil her more than my own kids. the thought of someone taking advantage of such an innocent soul is appalling. i wish them a life full of misery and suffering. moving on...
what about barack?? he's coming on strong. look out, hillary...speaking of pieces of shit. i do not like hillary clinton at all. i think she is crooked in ways that haven't even come to light yet. the fact that she feels that she is entitled to be president is ridiculous. and i'm sorry, even if i was a john mc fan~which i'm not~he is too damn old to be president.
i'm watching "american idol" right now and have to admit something...i have a crush on simon cowell. i'm not quite sure why but there is something sexy about him. not sure if it's the accent or what...am i totally alone on this??
we went to cabela's on sunday...i absolutely love, love, love that store. if you have never been, you need to go. even if you aren't an outdoorsy type, they have some amazing things to look at. and they have the most yummy fudge....which i only had  a few little pinches of, thank you very much. cory bought mac a camo rocker-recliner....so cute. it's sitting here in the living room right next to his. she loves it.
i don't have any funny cory stories...i know how you love those.  but stay tuned...i'm sure there will be plenty soon.
does anyone else find paula abdul annoying?? she looks great but i believe she has a few screws loose.
anyway...nip/tuck is coming on. gotta go!
have a happy hump day tomorrow!

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fandangol said...

kinda wondering about barack myself...can not see mccain as president. tough one? lov'in nip tuck this season!