Tuesday, February 19, 2008

here we go again....

when blake was born in 1993, barney was a huge thing. he thankfully out grew him pretty quick and for all i knew, there was no more barney. oh, how i was mistaken. thanks to the endless collection of barney vhs tapes that my mother still has at her house, mackenzie has discovered barney....and is obsessed. i didn't think anything would get her off of elmo but now it's all barney, all the time. i like to refer to him as that big purple bastard. i know he's good because he teaches the kids to use their imaginations but come on....shouldn't he have a shelf life of about 5 minutes??? so annoying. and he's not even real....at the beginning of every show, they show him as a stuffed toy and then they kids "imagine" him to life. we have it on right now. and then at the end, he's stuffed again. lifeless. kind of creepy if you ask me...which no one did but that hasn't seemed to stop me yet. even creepier...i walked in the room the other day after barney was over and the damn teletubbies were on. i could see mac zoning out, as if in a trance, watching those freaky things. i knocked over several pieces of furniture and tripped over both dogs to get to the tv and change it.  barney's one thing..the teletubbies is a whole other deal.
i escorted cory to the doctor today~an ear, nose and throat specialist. he had strep a few weeks ago and his throat is still hurting. now, for those of you who don't know cory, he is very direct, in your face, to the point, etc. sometimes people don't quite know how to take him. i watched as this mild-mannered doctor walked into the room and introduced himself to cory and me. he asks, "what seems to be the problem?" and cory says~and i quote~"well, doc, my throat fuckin' hurts like a son of a bitch!" and those who do know him, know how thick his southern accent is..so you can imagine what it actually sounded like. i could tell the doctor was taken back a little. who wouldn't be?? but he did ask and i don't believe the answer could have been more honest. but it was hilarious.
ok, i'm going to watch the break-up with jen anniston and vince vaughn..how cute were they together. she's adorable. and well, you know, vince and i go way back.
have a good one!

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