Monday, February 18, 2008

the end is near....

i know it's coming...i believe it will happen anyday now. the end of mackenzie's napping. she was in her bed for an hour this afternoon and never got even remotely close to going to sleep....i could hear her in there just chatting away to elmo, snuffy, her big bear from cabela's, all 5 of the backyardigans and what ever else she has in bed with her. at this point it was past two so i went to get her out...she had to be up by 4 for swimming lessons and anyone knows that if there's anything worse than a toddler who hasn't napped, it's a toddler that gets woke up after a quick cat nap...okay maybe not worse but you know what i'm saying. i'm not ready for the nap to go you know how much i can get done in that 2-3 hours that she's asleep?? that's usually when i get to shower...but cleanliness is overrated right? i mean you are just going to get dirty all over again. maybe matthew mcconaughey can lend me some of his special "cream."
well, my mini vacation was relaxing. between the airport and dinner with my parents friday night, i had 5 cocktails....i stuck with the blood mary. they were great.  i got to sleep in until 9 am on saturday. heaven. then i got to take a little nap on the way home...because i wasn't the one driving!!! it was w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.
i met with the nutritionist yesterday and she put me on an 1800 calorie a day diet..which should be easy since i've been eating less than that. she broke it down into all the different food groups and it's actually a lot of food~it just has to be the right combination of food. we'll see how it goes. amazingly, wine is not one of the major food groups...but my motto is: wine everyday keeps the insanity away.
did you hear that the writer's strike has ended??? hallelujah!! now we just have to wait for them to make new episodes. can't wait.
i did hear that my show "friday night lights" may not be coming back. that sucks, big time.  what will i do without my tim riggins fix???
okay...gonna watch some tube before i go to bed. 5 am comes pretty quick. oh, speaking of the gym...cory had me add him to the membership today and he is up there working out as we speak.
good for him...he's going to feel so much better.
have a great night!!!

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