Friday, February 15, 2008

i'm on vacation....sort of.

as we speak, i am sitting at the airport waiting to catch a flight~a delayed flight~to dallas. i have to attend a memorial service for my uncle tomorrow, which sucks, but i always like to look for a silver lining. and boy did i find a good one. i am sitting at a bar, in the middle of the day, toddler free (i guess that would be a given if i'm at a bar.) and having a bloody mary. i'm know one of those cool people, typing on my laptop in public, like i've got something real important to work on and it just can't wait. this is awesome. i am toddler free for the next 24 hours. what will i do...get drunk? appear in a "mom's gone wild" video? probably not. i'm looking forward to just sleeping in and having some alone time. hold on a sec, gotta order another drink. what?? i'm just trying to fit in with the other people here at the airport...don't want to be an outcast. besides, i'm on vacation. sort of.
i am upset about missing elmo live tomorrow....never thought i'd say that. but i was looking forward to seeing mac's face when she went with her friends to see the big red guy. but she still gets to go because her wonderful big sis is going to take her. thanks, ash!
i totally forgot about having to take my shoes off at the security check point and i'm wearing flats with no socks. gross. i mean, i think if your feet are under a certain size, you shouldn't have to take your shoes off. what do they think i'm smuggling in my size 7 1/2 sam and libby flats?? better safe than sorry i guess. oh speaking of, what about this lastest campus shooting? you know what my solution is: why not let people that have their concealed handgun license carry their weapons on campus? and you know what they would say to that? oh, you can't do that..guns always fall in to the wrong hands. well, guess what...THE PEOPLE THAT DON'T NEED THEM KEEP FINDING A WAY TO GET THEM ANYWAY. if someone that knew how to use theirs, has a license to carry it and has it on them at the time this lunatic started shooting, they could have shot his ass and less people could have died. sounds like a no brainer to me.i swear sometimes i should be president. ok, maybe not president but atleast mayor or something.
did i mention how yummy this bloody mary is? i have not been drinking lately because of the whole working out and eating better thing. this tastes amazing. i better stop at this one tolerance is pretty low and i'd hate to not be able to board the plane because i'm drunk. how embarassing...or cool. i'm not sure which.
i'll be returning to austin tomorrow. short trip. but i kid you not, it is totally like a mini vacation. and the best part, i'm not driving! my parents are bringing me home tomorrow.  so i can actually do something that i love to do in the car but never get to....SLEEP!!
have a great weekend! cheers!

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