Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the conversation....

does this conversation ever occur in your home?

husband: come on, pleeeaassse!!

wife: no.

husband: come on, take care of your husband.

wife: no..(insert excuse here~examples: i'm tired, got a headache, it's wednesday.)

husband: please.

wife: no....get off.

husband: please!!!

wife: no. go to sleep.

husband: come on, baby.

wife: i said no.

husband (with an obvious hearing problem): please, please, please. come on.

wife: uh, no.

husband: please...i'll give you (insert bribe of choice here.) please.

wife: (acting like she's insulted) (big sigh) fine...hurry up.

sound familiar?

ahhh.....romance. ain't it grand???

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