Thursday, February 7, 2008

the flu, a funeral, strep throat, new laptop and another death.....

wow! it has been 2 whole weeks since i have blogged....miss me?? of course you did. a lot has been going on at the brewer house. first, blake got the flu... and i know that people throw the word "flu" around but he had the actual, full-on flu...they swabbed his nose and confirmed it. it kicked his ass...he missed a week and a day from school...he literally did nothing but go back and forth from the couch to his bed. mackenzie and i had flu far, so good. cory and ashlen seemed to have escaped it as well.
cory's godfather's mother passed away last week so it was off to ft. worth for the funeral. it was the last weekend of the stock show/rodeo so we took mackenzie and went with cory's brother, his wife and their three boys. all the kids had a great time riding the rides, eating the food and drinking the beer...oh wait, that last one was me...i enjoyed drinking the beer.
then we come home and cory gets strep throat...i swear, it's like a hospital around here and guess who's head nurse??? yup..that's me.  he has been really sick..he went to the doctor on tuesday and they gave him antibiotics but had to go back today because he was feeling worse. he just showed me his throat and there are HUGE white pockets on them. poor looks very painful. the doctor gave him some steroids so hopefully that will help.
i'm typing this blog from my brand new, shiny mac laptop...yes, i finally got it and i love it!!! thank you to my wonderful husband for getting it for me!
my uncle passed away yesterday...i was not close to him and actually can't remember the last time that i saw him. he was my mom's only sibling and the last of her immediate family. her dad died when she was sixteen and my grandma died about ten years ago. he did not want a service of any kind and wanted to be cremated. r.i.p.
hopefully with my new laptop, i'll be blogging that i can do it from anywhere in the house. i'm still working on my updated version of the "rules." it will be intersting to say the least.
i am soooooo glad that "lost" is back!!! i've been dying for some good tv...they say the strike may be ending soon...thank god. please, please give me my shows back.
well, that's all for to watch "lost." have a great night...

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