Saturday, November 3, 2007

and finally.....part two of a day in the life of me....

so, i ended the last entry with me waiting to watch nip/tuck. i finally started it at 10:15 and believe i was asleep by 10:30. i woke up on the couch about 12:45 and went to bed. mac must have woke up and cory brought her to our bed. so i settle in to what little space they have left me in the king size bed. at around 3 a.m. mackenzie sits up and is coughing~make that gagging~i knew what was coming. she was about to puke. in the bed. in my bed. so i hurry up and turn the light on and try and comfort her. poor thing~she didn't know what was going on. at this point cory is up. while i am cleaning up mac, changing her pj's, i tell him to take oscar out to pee. he comes back to bed and procceds to lay a towel over the vomit spot and tells us to climb back in bed. uh, no. as if i can lay there knowing i'm laying on puke. and that smell...gross. i grab a pillow and tell him we are going to the couch. i also asked him if oscar had peed in his kennel again. he informs me yes and that he put him back in teach him a lesson. what?? are you freakin' kidding me?? he's like a baby~you aren't teaching him anything! so i clean up the kennel..AGAIN!! and mackenzie and i settle in on the couch. about 10 minutes later, the gagging starts again. this time i tried to move fast enough to get her to the toilet. no chance. she puked on herself, on me, on the couch. at this point we need a bath. cory decides to go sleep with ashlen so we can have the bed. mighty big of him, i know. believe me, i realize the lack of sensitivity coming from my husband. i could go on and on about it.. but that's for another blog. so mac and i get a bath. it is now about 4 a.m. i go ahead and turn on elmo hoping it gets her settled down and sleepy again. she did throw up a few more times but i managed to get her to the toilet..yea for me. we don't go back to sleep until about 6 a.m. we then get woke up at 7 because cory came in because ashlen had kicked him out of her bed hours ago-because of his snoring. mac is awake at this point. so we are up. ready to start another day. execpt she's sick and it's halloween. i can't get away from the smell of puke~it's probably in my hair and i'm too tired to care much less do anything about it.
so that's roughly 24 hours in the life of me. no, they are not all this bad and drama filled.
oh and it gets even better...guess who got the stomach virus early friday morning. yup...that would be me. and it was brutal. lost about 5 pounds within 24 hours. brutal. and why couldn't mac and i get it at the same time so she would just lay around with me?? oh no. that would be too easy. i had to wait and get it after she was better and i have to chase her around in all her toddlerness.
oh and where is my husband?? he left yesterday (yes, friday. the day i got sick) for the lease. he did ask me if i wanted him to stay~after he had already packed his car. of course, i said no. why, you ask? because i'm smart. he'll pay for this later. i'll want something from him and when he tells me no, i'll remind him of what a selfish ass he was to leave me alone while i'm sick.
he called about an hour ago and said his stomach hurt soooo bad. he said he had to shit in the woods and use his socks to wipe his ass. too bad. karma's a bitch. but like i told him..atleast you are off by yourself. if you want to go to bed and sleep all day, you can. there's no toddler to stop you or a puppy shitting everywhere.
i will go to bed with a smile on my face tonight at the thought of him having to wipe his ass with his socks.
yup. karma is a bitch.


Lindsay G said...

HAHA! Love the ass wiping with the socks. And, girl....get you a bucket or some old tupperware for Mac to throw up in next time. It's easier than running her to the toilet!

Anonymous said...

i love you so much your bare foot nasty ass husband