Tuesday, November 27, 2007

making PETA proud......

mackenzie had her first deer lease experience this past weekend and of course, loved every minute of it! she loved running around outside and chasing the dogs. it wasn't as much of a beating to take her as i thought it was going to be~she went to sleep pretty quickly but did wake up early when she heard cory getting ready to go out to the blind. but over all we had a great time!

well, oscar is getting a mate...that's right...his very own mail-order french bulldog. i've already named her...lola. we are going to breed them and sell the puppies. i know what you are thinking...like i need more shit (literally) to clean up around here. but my hopes are that if he has a friend, he'll quit driving mackenzie crazy..which in turn drives me absolutely nuts. wine has been a flowin' here a lot lately. i have made a deal with myself though...i can only have some wine if i have worked out that day. we'll see how well that goes. i'm hopeful but not very optimistic.

i did work out today so i'm waiting anxiously for the six o'clock hour!

that's all i got for now~will try and blog later tonight!

***i posted a picture of mac and cory with his deer he shot yesterday. mac wasn't scared at all...she hopped on that thing like it was a horse!

oh and by the way....PETA in our house stands for people eating tasty animals!***

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