Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i was just wondering.......

why are they advertising britney spear's perfume again?? i get that it's almost christmas but come on. do they think we all want to smell like white trash who can't drive and never wears underwear??

why do i always get the slowest checker at the grocery store? i swear they see me coming.

why is it that i leave my dog outside for 2 freakin' hours and he comes inside and immediately shits on the floor?? seriously?

why is it almost 90 freakin' degrees in novemeber??? i hear we have cow flatulence to blame for that one. whatever.

why has my toddler started taking her clothes and diaper off in bed but while she's up she tries to put on every pair of pj's she owns at the same time??? this child may be the death of me.

why is everyone upset at the "bachelor??" i have to admit, i'm pretty impressed with the fact that he was honest. he didn't pick one just for the sake of picking. and he's hot and lives in austin. so there's still a chance of me meeting him....kidding. (not really :)

why does my husband drive me absolutely crazy in the morning? i swear he picks the morning, when i'm always in a hurry to ask me the most ridiculous questions ever. example: are you going to give me sex this morning. uh, let me think about that....no. same answer you got yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. if you want sex, you come to bed when i go to bed. period. this ain't 7-11. i'm not open 24-7.

a few updates for ya.....

cory did not buy a corvette.....yet. i'm sure one will show up eventually.

blake's football team was featured on the local news channel for going undefeated 7th and 8th grade. pretty neat!

the house is coming along great. i picked out all the lighting fixtures on friday..alone. it went so smoothly...imagine that.

that's all for now......talk to you later! happy tuesday!