Friday, November 23, 2007

blah, blah, blah

hope you all had a wonderful turkey day! we sure did! did a lot of eating and a lot of football watching with a quick nap in between. cowboys won~yea! wouldn't it be awesome if they actually go to the super bowl??
so, my mom and i had good intentions to go to the outlet mall at midnight when they opened and of course, did not make it...we were passed out. and i made cory take my car to work today to get it detailed so i wouldn't be tempted to leave the house and shop. i used to love to shop the day after thanksgiving but the thought of battling the crowd with a toddler~let me clarify~MY toddler~does not sound fun at all. so i'm still in my pj's at 1 pm and plan on staying that way the rest of the day.
so we've started rubbing oscar's nose in his crap to try and house train him and a thought came to mind. dogs eat their own shit sometimes. so why do they get so freaked out when they have to smell it?? just a random thought....i know...most of mine are.
so i'll blog later..hopefully something exciting will happen. not likely since i don't plan on leaving the house.
we are going to the deer lease tomorrow night and staying until monday........with mackenzie. it will be interesting to say the least.
happy friday!! :)

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