Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a day in the life of me......part one.

***this tale begins at 1:00 a.m. early tuesday morning and ends now..10:00 a.m. wednesday***
i'm sleeping rather peacefully when i hear mackenzie screaming. she sometimes wakes up when she's got a dirty diaper and is prone to bad diaper rash, so i rush in to change her. no dirty diaper, just wet. so with one eye open i drag myself, mac included, back to bed. she has become rather high maintenance~she likes to have her feet rubbed when she's trying to go to sleep. and if you stop, she gives you this grunt and proceeds to put your hand back on her foot. so after an hour of this and her not going back to sleep, i put her back in her bed where she screamed for about 10 minutes and finally gave up. time was about 4:00 a.m.
so i'm sleeping soundly once again when i hear oscar crying in his kennel. i come out to find that he has flooded his kennel. he must have been peeing in it this whole time but the blanket i had in there~which i had taken out the day before per the vet~had been soaking it up. time is now 6 a.m.
so at this point, i'm up. i start the coffee, clean up the kennel with some bleach water and plop down on the couch to catch up on some of my shows. i manage to watch private practice and one other that i can't seem to remember now. oh, women's murder club. it's great. comes on friday nights. i make mac's lunch for school, check my e-mail and make sure blake is up at 7. i then go and take a bath, shave my legs, and put on my workout clothes. i have to meet manny at 10.
at 8, i get mac up and feed her breakfast. i then get her dressed and ready while answering ridiculous questions from my husband who is still laying in bed. the most ridiculous of all being, "will you come file my heels? in other words, he's wanting me to stop my morning, get out my foot file and give him a mini pedicure....are you kidding me?? uh, no. i then proceed to tell him that i will do it tonight. i have no intention of doing it tonight. but he's got a better shot of it happening tonight than he does right now. i pour me some coffee for the road and go tell cory bye. he then asks, "where's my coffee?" while fighting the urge to pour mine in his face, i smile and go get him a cup. the phone rings. it's blake and i know what he's going to say before he says it~he's forgotten something. slider shorts for the game that night. i find them in his room and throw them in the car. i load up mac and we pull out of the driveway. time is 8:40.
i drop mac off at school, along with the cookies i had made the night before for her halloween party. she has her frog costume on and is super excited to be at school. it is now 9:00 and i head to blake's school. i saw an interesting display of road rage on the way. one guy cut another guy off, and the one who was cut off started honking his horn. the guy who cut him off started driving veeeerrryy slooooowwwww. it was so obnoxious. and it was a one lane road so the guy had no where to go. as i'm watching this, i'm thinking~that guy has way too much time on his hands. more proof that women should rule the world.
go to blake's school and drop off shorts. at that point, i debated going back by the house to let oscar out again to go to the bathroom. but here was my dilema~if cory is still there he will probably want to have sex because that's what he does. he picks the most inconvenient times to have sex. but i took a chance. he was still there but was in a hurry himself. dodged that bullet.
it's off to the gym. no sign of scary naked lady but there was a woman who was showing full frontal nudity..come on, people. give me a break!
i workout with manny, which was great. exhausting, but great. i leave the gym at 11:15 to go look for costumes for blake and his friend jake~who practically lives with us. i go to a huge halloween store to look for dog the bounty hunter and his wife beth. blake will be dog and jake is beth. i gather up everything they have that i can use, but still need to hit up a goodwill. on to goodwill. they have what i need~yea! oh and fyi-they sell men's underwear at CAN put cory's old underwear in the goodwill bag.
at this point it is 12:00 and i have an hour before i have to pick up mac. just enough time to swing by ulta for the two items i need. well, ten items later and waaay too much money, i'm headed to mac's school. i can't help myself in there, i'm such a product junkie!!!
pick up mac. her teacher said she had a blowout which is why she's wearing different pants. this little tidbit will come in handy later in the story.
come home, put mac down for a nap. i'm really needing her to get a good nap in. we have a picture appt. at 4. i can tell by the screams coming from her room, a nap is not likely. i leave her in there long enough to fix me some lunch. after lunch, i get her out and put her on my bed to watch elmo.. thank god for elmo. he's a lifesaver. and thanks to on-demand, i can get hin anytime. thank you time warner cable. i take a shower and get ready. i'm also doing laundry, answering annoying calls from my husband and his buddies at work asking me if i'm going to be britney spears for halloween....what??? oh, and i called an orthopedic to get blake an appt for his back. it's been bothering him.
so about 3:30 we head to our appt. i'm crossing my fingers that my child will be decent since she hasn't had a nap. we are meeting three of my friends and their tots. we took the four last year to have a pic made in their costumes and thought we'd do it again. we went to a place called portrait innovations. nice place. the poor girl we had must have been new. i choose to think that because if not, she just plain sucked. it took forever and we are trying to wrestle these toddlers around what is now, dinnertime. we finally leave around 5:30. pictures did turn out cute. i'll post later.
i then go home to drop mac off with ashlen so i can go to blake's football game. i know what you're thinking, is this day going to ever end?? oh, it's just getting started.
time is now about 6:15. me, cory and blake's friend kyle head to the game. game was great,they won. it was like 55 to 0. blake had an awesome game. it's now about 8:30 and time to go home. a quick stop at jack in the box and blake's school. he usaully goes directly home with us but he left his backpack at school so had to go back on the bus. of course he did.
so we are home at about 8:30ish. mac is already in bed~yes! i had told ashlen that she hadn't napped so put her down about 8:00. she said she crashed out on the couch before that watching, you guessed it, elmo. that was strange because mac doesn't usually pass out anywhere but her bed. but i'm not complaining. i eat my jack in the box and settle in to watch the season premiere of nip/tuck.
for those of you who don't know, this saturday is opening of deer season. to cory, this is like christmas. he's so excited. he's taking off the whole week to spend at the deer lease which is exciting to me. because frankly, if you aren't going to help, then stay the hell out of my way. anyway, he's got the t.v tied up watching some dvd of the lease.
so i'm going to leave you know..too much to do. but i'll continue later because this day is far from over.
happy halloween :)!!!

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