Saturday, October 20, 2007

i've lost my mind....have you seen it??

so it's official...i've lost it. cory and i went out thursday night to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. we went to the domain, which for those of you who don't live in austin, is a new shopping complex with some nice restaurants and upscale stores. i told him that i wanted to go into tiffany's simply because i had never been in one. it was pretty much what i expected...lots and lots of beautiful, overpriced jewelry. so i'm browsing around while he's looking at wedding bands~he obviously felt it was time for an upgrade...for himself. he then turns his attention towards me and trying to get me to pick something out for myself. you see, i'm not much of a jewelry person. you wouldn't really know that by the amount of jewelry that i know own..thanks to my wonderful, generous (stubborn) husband. before him, i never even wore a watch on a regular basis. but anyway. he keeps trying to push something on me..not listening when i tell him for the 50th time, i don't want anything!!! i'm not going to pick something out just for the sake of getting something. as this whole conversation is happening, i noticed a group of women (employees) had gathered and were looking at us and talking among themselves. well, i knew what they were thinking. i looked over at them and said, "i bet you've never heard this conversation happen in here!" they all agreed and laughed but they weren't fooling anyone! i knew better. as soon as we left there~cory with his new wedding band, me with nada (i'm sorry, wasn't it my bday???) i asked him, "do you know what those women were thinking? how crazy was that chic whose husband was begging her to pick something out!!" his response: "i know, don't you know they would love to have a husband like me???" my response: "yes, dear."
so we proceeded to neiman's. they were giving away food and champagne...i'm in. so we're browsing around..champagne in hand..wanted to double fist it but i guess that's frowned upon in neiman's world. i'm looking around but nothing is really jumping out at me. until we hit the handbags...which i love. in my hand, i had the gucci purse that i have had my eye on for quite some time. it was gorgeous. everything was in place...cory was there ready to buy..all i had to do was pick out the color. then something happend...i realized that i didn't really need another handbag. i tried, oh did i try, to shrug this sudden bout of practicality off and just get the bag. he was practically throwing it at me..and i said "no, i'm good." what???? really??? i'm choosing now to be practical??? what's happening?? is this what being a responsible, mature adult is?? not getting something you really want because it just doesn't make sense??? what's happening to me????
so we leave..with two new cookbooks. they insisted all that good food they were handing out were in there. so okay.
as we are walking down to the restaurant, we stop in the louis vuitton store.."maybe you'll find something in here," he says. but again, nothing. i can't justify it..i've already got a couple of bags from here and a wallet..who needs more?? what?????????? i hear these things in my head but can't believe i'm thinking them!!! someone help me!! YOU CAN ALWAYS USE A NEW BAG!! or wallet. obviously that's what cory thought because he left there with a new one.
so. so, zilch, nada....and it's my birthday. well, i have the cookbooks but does that count???
but, our dinner was amazing! we ate at joe dimaggio's italian chophouse for the first time..we loved steak we've had in austin. and we have had a lot!!!! after all, i'm no skinny bitch.
so we had a great night. gotta go eat my kolache! have a great saturday!!

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