Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cheers and jeers

the following are strictly my opinions. but i also choose to believe that they are 100% accurate and correct.

cheers to dora the explorer. the girl proves that with a good, functional bag and some loyal friends, anything is possible.

jeers to rude ass people. more specifically the woman who watched me struggle with the stroller and the door at the mall today and walked right on past me. didn't even look twice. bitch. i hope she gets acne in the butt.

cheers to pinot grigio. no explanation necessary.

jeers to hillary clinton. again, no explanation necessary.

cheers to the old people rockin' the mall this morning with their power walking.

jeers to the fact that my husband has been home the last two days "sick." and i use that term very loosely. he's driving me to drink....more than usual.

cheers to the fact that on tuesday we will be married for 3 years. and have not killed each other yet. of course his xanax and my zoloft may have something to do with that.

cheers to drees homes who finally started on our house....yeah!!!!!

jeers to my wonderful husband who tried unsuccessfully to convince me that i wanted to spend my birthday and anniversary weekend at the deer lease. we compromised....we're going out tomorrow night. so i guess this could be a jeers/cheers combo. two for the price of one. i're welcome.

cheers to my wonderful friends....thanks for the cupcakes, linds!! they were great!!!!

cheers to all my pregnant sistas! you eat all you want, screw your ob's!!

cheers to any woman that decides to wear maternity clothes when not pregnant. why the hell not??

cheers to ellen......degeneres that is. i love her...she always makes me smile.

jeers to the assholes who took away the dog she gave her hairstylist.

cheers to mother's day out. don't know what i'd do without it.

jeers to the fact that it is 8:30 and i have not poured a glass of wine yet.

cheers to the fact that i'm going to pour me one right now!!!

***i've blogged two days in a row!!! i're welcome!!! :)


Lindsay G said...

Glad to see there's more cheers than jeers, and you're welcome for the cupcakes. I'm glad you liked them. You and me both! And, I love the shout out :) While you have the wine out, drink a glass for me. That's what friends are for, right?!

Weekends Off said...

Well that was fun to read!

HMitch said...

Cheers to your blog being back! You always make me laugh.