Monday, October 1, 2007

long time, no blog

i know, i know.....i haven't been blogging!! sometimes i don't know where all my time goes...oh, that's right...i've got 3 kids, a husband~who could easily qualify as the 4th child~and a new puppy!! we got a new puppy this weekend! his name is oscar and he is an eight week old french bulldog! so cute! i'll post pictures soon!!! i'm still working out~haven't lost any weight but my clothes are fitting better which is what counts, right? the scary, skinny naked lady is also still working out~and still sitting bare ass on the bench in the locker room. everytime i see her, i'm thinking, "why aren't any of my friends here so we can talk about this???" it's just too good to not talk about. i've learned that the gym is a great place to people watch! well, we have finished up at the design center for the house so they should be breaking ground any day now~thank god! it seems like we have been building this house forever! mackenzie is loving mother's day out...and so am i! she goes right to the teacher and turns around and waves bye and i'm outta there! never looking back! and she hasn't been kicked out yet which is a big fear that i had. she has bitten and been bitten. you know, the whole full circle thing.
we are off to mexico on wednesday and i so wish we owned a laptop so i could blog from there~i anticipate having some good stories.
i did notice something the other day while driving down the road...i think some people believe that once they get in their car they are invisible to the outside world. some of the things i see people do in their vehicles is amazing. of course, there is the nose picking. i caught a guy the other day that even when he saw that i was looking at him, he didn't fact, i think he got to digging a little deeper..gross. and the dancing and singing...some people are having their own american idol auditions in their car! i can't say a lot about this one..i've been known to get a little excited myself when a certain song or songs comes on the radio. my favorite is to pull up at stop light, with blake in the car, and start dancing really obnoxiously....blake just loves it. he slumps down in his seat like he is going to die of embarassment. funny..i don't ever remember being embarassed by my parents......yeah, right.
well, i'm working on my things i'm addicted to list. i'm going to try and post it tonight after i've had a few glasses of thoughts seem to flow so much better after that.
have a great monday!


Weekends Off said...

I want a puppy! A french bulldog too, so I am really looking forward to those pics!!!

The evil prankster in me wants you to put some double-sided sticky tape on the bench next time...

Missmindy said...

Where are you?!? I miss your blogs, you have got to have some good material after your trip! I'll keep waiting (and bugging you) til you post another one...
Can't wait to meet that new puppy!