Saturday, October 27, 2007

gotta love the gay bar!

i have found the perfect place for married/committed women to hang out. my future sis in law, sarah, and good friend jen came down to austin wednesday night to take me out for my birthday. we started off at cool river which was very boring. so we ate and then headed downtown. we first went into a bar called six which is owned by lance armstrong. i only wanted to go in the off chance that there would be a celebrity sighting. i had heard that matthew mc and lance himself have been seen there. but no luck in the celebrity department. there were a lot of normal people...and of course, the men used every excuse to come over to our table and talk. why is a big ring on a woman's left ring finger not a deterent to men trying to pick them up?? i mean, if i were single, saw a cute guy and then noticed he was wearing a wedding ring, i would not approach him. i think some men see it as a challenge. like who can get the married chic?? so i had an idea..let's go across the street to the gay bar. i always try to get cory to take me in there but he refuses everytime. no way, no how. but jen and sarah were totally up for it. so we go to a place called rain....i know very hip. it was great...great music, even though it was karaoke night. the people were soooo nice. all the men told us how hot we looked and of course, we ate it up. one guy told me that i looked "very sex in the city." i wanted to take him home with me and keep him, like a little pet. so adorable. i even was awful but they made me feel like i had just won american idol. and best of all, we didn't get hit on once...they knew what team we played for and vice versa. it was wonderful. i will be going again. but after my recovery....i can't hang like i used to. needless to say, i was feeling pretty rough on thursday. but it was totally worth it. thank you sarah and jen!!

well, the season for eating has started~my friend gretchen brought over some pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing that she made. yummmm. they are soooo goooood. i'm a sucker for pumpkin...and cookies. anyone knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach.

let the over eating begin..

**here's a picture of us at rain~the one on the left is marrying my bro**

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