Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm baaaaaaack..........

ok, i'm still alive, people!! and i promise to be better about blogging! let me tell you about our trip. i do believe i have found heaven on earth...and it is the four seasons hotel in punta mita, mexico. i'm not sure if all four seasons are like this~i've only stayed in one other and that was just for one night (our wedding night) in irving. but this place was amazing!! the service..it's like you didn't have to ask for anything..they were there with it before you could ask!!! they came around and cleaned your freakin' sunglasses for you at the pool...waiters came around with free chocolate.......not the fake, cheap chocolate either (you know what i'm talking about!) but haagen daaz (totally know i spelled that wrong) chocolate ice cream. it was great! we never left the hotel..we had our own private cabana at the adult pool for two days..heaven. it had a big flat screen t.v. and a dock for your ipod. again, heaven. in fact, i've decided that if heaven isn't like the four seasons, i'd rather not go...it was that good. don't have any crazy stories...except one. my husband decided to get good and drunk one night and didn't feel like walking back to the room so he did the most logical thing...he stole a golf cart. and he actually excpected it to still be in front of the room the next morning. it wasn't. on the same night, he exposed himself off our balcony to a group of i'm sure very startled hotel guests. to be more specific, he showed them "the goat." for those of you who don't know what that is...watch the movie "waiting." it's hilarious!! you may never look at cory the same way again but still worth watching. but this was the most relaxing vacation i think we have ever had. i had forgotten how much i liked bloody marys..and hey, they can't be all bad, right?? i mean, the vodka may be but all the tomato juice has got to be good for me...or that's what i'm choosing to believe. and trust me, there was a whole lot of tomato juice.
so that was mexico. it was great but as always we were glad to be home.
update on house: NOTHING!!!!! it seriously feels like we have been building this house forever and they haven't even broke ground yet!!! not sure what the hold-up is but hopefully they will be starting soon!!
gotta go for now, but i promise to return very soon!! tootles!!

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