Monday, October 22, 2007

teenagers are annoying!!

well, i spent my friday night taking blake and several of his friends (girls included) to a haunted house. we go to pick up these two girls, who i have only met once and have never met their parents. i pull in to the driveway where the girls are already outside. the girl sticks her head inside, i assume to tell her parents she was leaving. i waited for a parent to emerge to come meet the person who was picking up their child at 10:00 on a friday night. nobody came out. these two girls hopped in my car and we took off. i'm thinking to myself, these people don't know me...never seen me before in their life. i may be the mom that gets all liquored up and drives drunk with kids in the car. or worse, the mom that has sex with 15 year old boys....which brings me to my next point. after having several of these teens in my car, radio blaring, every one of them talking-no screaming-at the same freakin' time i do these school teachers have sex with these boys! first of all they smell. they may have just showered but then they are running around, throwing the football or doing something to get sweaty and then they start stinking again. i know, i have one...and he stinks, too. i love him and he's adorable...but 95% of the time he smells like a locker room. and they are so obnoxious and loud and just annoying. they are worse in packs because they are trying to impress each other. i can handle blake and maybe one or two others at at a time. but throw in some girls and it's all over. they become more annoying by the minute. and these little girls just eat it up. which got me thinking~were me and my friends just as annoying?? i choose to believe not but my mom would probably say differently. i'm sure we were and we found the same annoying, stinky boys to be so fine~or whatever we said back then.
blake wouldn't tell me if one of these girls was his girlfriend but i weasled it out of one of the other boy who told me that one of them (can't remember the name) was kind of his girlfriend~whatever the hell that means. i don't know if they call it "going" together anymore. where the hell did we think we were "going" at 13??
so for those of you that don't have a teenager yet, this is what you have to look forward to. fun-filled friday nights at the haunted house with annoying, stinky teenagers. atleast around halloween.
have a great monday!

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