Friday, August 31, 2007

cabin fever, anyone?

i've been holed up in my house for several days with a sick baby. i'm speaking of the actual baby in this house, not my husband. mac has been sick and driving me crazy!!! bless her heart, i know she's hurting~she's got white spots on her tonsils and of course, it's viral so no medicine! lovely. i can give her motrin for the fever and pain but do they not make baby vicodine or something?? she's doing much better but still very whiny. for those of you wondering (which i'm sure you all are) i did run the other night. did not work out yesterday and probably won't today. pretty bummed about that but oh well. i do have some more motivation to keep going, though. cbs is sending cory and me to the four seasons in punta mita, mexico oct. 3-7! yeah!!!!!!!! i can't wait! i may do nothing but get massages and order room service. hopefully, this will be a "pro-creation vacation" if ya know what i mean! i know they are sending us because of the amount of money that cory spends on his advertising for the dealership, but i choose to think that god is rewarding me for putting up with cory's cfd....compulsive farting disorder. yes, i've given it a name. patent pending.
have a great weekend folks! hope to be back among the living next week!


Weekends Off said...

Hi! I found your blog today while surfing the "next blog" button and I just wanted to let you know I'll be making you a regular stop! I laughed at everything, I read the archives.

I love Big Love too, my husband and I only sign up for HBO to watch it! A sister wife would be so helpful but yeah, that sex part...I dunno though, there are times when he wants to wake me up out of a sound sleep and I might just be willing to pass him on rather than wake up.

I almost wet myself from laughing at the husband noise post. Believe it or not I've never heard my husband fart! But he snores like a freight train, it vibrates the bed at night which sounds like fun but really, it's annoying. Oh and he makes terrible smacking noises when he eats, sometimes he doesn't sound human.

Matthew McConely (SP?) is HOT and I don't care if he is stinky just breathe through your mouth lol!

Sorry to ramble on, I'm at "work" right now and it's dead and I'm bored and I don't have anyone to talk to right now :0)

Missmindy said...

We definitely miss you, not used to going this long without seeing you and Miss Mac. White spots on the toenails too? OWW, poor girl. I hope she's not having trouble sleeping, that would just take the cake.
oh, and I am SO proud of you for being so passionate about working out. Going back to Mexico is going to be really good too b/c you'll have something to get in shape for, a short term goal!
Hopefully we'll see you next week, we're around this weekend if Mac starts feeling better and you wanna get her out to play!

Big Mike said...

So when are you gonna come ride the bikes at 5:30AM with me?