Thursday, August 9, 2007

top ten 80's movies

ok, i'm obviously struggling to come up with things to blog about. but as i was laying (or lying, i can never remember which is correct) in bed last night, i was thinking about some of my favorite movies. i know what you are thinking, wow, her nights must be really lame. well, they are. and i've made peace with that. anyhoo, i'd like to present you with my top ten favorite 80's movies.

10. girls just wanna have fun. it features a pre sex in the city sarah jessica parker and helen hunt. a rather cheesy film about two high school girls who are dying to be on an equally cheesy show called "dance t.v." my friend courtney and i used to have "dance-offs" inspired by this movie, of course.

9. breakfast club. everyone remembers detention, right? but i don't remember if being quite this fun. oh and ally sheedy's crazy character in today's time, would totally be shooting up the school. she was nuts!!

8. fast forward. ok, most of you probably have never even heard of this ridiculous movie. it's another movie about young adults who go to new york to make it as dancers. courtney and i watched it religiously and yes, danced. anyone sensing a pattern here? besides the fact that me and courtney were obviously huge dorks? maybe i was a dancer in a former life??

7. pretty in pink. ahh..molly ringwald. gotta love her if you were a child of the 80's. and andrew mccarthy...yum. i mean back then, not so yum now. and she made her own prom dress!!!! now that's drama.

6. revenge of the nerds. not a lot to say about this one..title pretty much sums it up. you've got nerds, they get revenge. still pretty funny!

5. any friday the 13th or halloween movie. ok i know a lot of you don't like scary movies. but my friends and i couldn't get enough of these cheesy things. and they are not even scary! molly ringwald having to make her own prom that's horror!

4. thelma and louise. just watched this one for the millionth time the other night. never gets old. who hasn't watch that and pictured yourself and a friend in the leading roles. well, i have. and like i said, i'm a dork.

3. footloose. kevin bacon was the shit back then. and he could dance! and you know i love me some movies about dancing!

2. urban cowboy. again, one that most of you probably haven't seen. it's got john travolta and he's a real cowboy. well, if real cowboys ride mechanical bulls in bars. but still, love this movie.

are you ready for my number 1 pick...............

i've got a tie

1. dirty dancing. with great lines like "nobody puts baby in the corner." how could you not love this movie. and you have to admit patrick swayze was hot in this movie. and who doesn't fantasize about going on a boring family vacation and hooking up with an older, bad boy? well, i did. and i know. i'm a dork.

1. st. elmo's fire. it has the whole "brat pack" in it! and rob lowe was hot..but has gotten even hotter with age. yummy!! and love demi moore. so what if she was a messed up coke-head~we've all got friends like that, right?

hope this totally useless information was helpful! by the way, i own movies #9, 4, 3, 2 and both #1's if anyone is interested in borrowing them. while browsing my extensive movie selection i noticed a few more that didn't make the list, though they are fine pieces of cinematic history....valley girl and fast times at ridgemont high. both hilarious! and both feature academy award winning actors. nicholas cage and sean penn, respectively. all are up for rent, no late fees. peace out my friends!


castababy said...

Andrew McCarthy was always my favorite - until I watched weekend at Bernie's - what happened to him!?

mamakris said...

I love it!!! Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink are some of my all time favorites! Such a big 80's movie fan, too. I have to agree, the dance movies are awesome. I think I was right there with ya - a dancer in another life! ~ Kristin

Missmindy said...

What about "Can't buy me love?" Not much dancing I know, but I sooo wanted to be the hot cheerleader. We need a movie night soon and you can re-create some of your dance moves for us!

Lindsay G said...

I love all of those movies, although I think I might need to borrow St. Elmo's Fire.... I too recreated dance moves in the hallway at the house I grew up in because I could slide and twirl better on the tile in my socks. You know, those little things that make you even better!!

The Nowell's said...

I love those movies! Though I will have to say that I have not seen St Elmo's Fire - so I too might need to borrow it. I loved making up routines and performing them for family and friends - too much fun! I will have to add one of my favs - Ferris Bueller's Day Off . And I still have to see a movie Brittany talked about - Breakin' - have you seen it?

Anonymous said...

I think it's, "I'm laying down," for a present action and then it's, "I was lying down," refering to a past action. My vote is Dirty Dancing because it's the only one I've seen!!! What the hell! My parents never let us watch anything.....EVER!!! Looks like I too need to borrow a few! Great Blog!