Sunday, August 12, 2007

a few good men....

so i've been thinking about something lately. if my wonderful husband gave me a free pass (or a few free passes) to be with someone famous, who would i choose?? well, there are a few.

1. julian mcmahon. he is one of the doctors on the show nip/tuck. delicious. so what if his eyebrows are more groomed than mine?? who's paying attention to the eyebrows?

2. mark walberg. yuuummmmyyy. he gets better looking with age! although he did look good when he was modeling underwear for calvin klein! marky who'd a thunk it?? i'd like to see his "funky bunch!"

3. matthew mcconaughey. not sure if that's spelled right. now, this is a tricky one because i've heard from several sources that he smells....and not good. he did admit on oprah that he hasn't worn deodorant. he claims he makes his own cream....FYI, matt, cream and deodorant..not the same thing. i could just get drunk...does alcohol impair your sense of smell?? but he's still hot. of course, according to my husband, he's hotter. no comment.

4. george clooney. like a fine wine...better with age. back in the day when he was on "facts of life" (remember that show..loved it!) he had a mullet and was dorky. but! i've heard he may be gay. like i care. that just means he'd be good to shop with, too. doesn't get much better than that!

5. rob lowe. another one that has aged very, very well. anyone who watches brothers and sisters knows what i'm talking about. he's a classic.

so that's all for now...i'll update as more come to mind. have a good sunday.


Lindsay G said...

I love your thoughts, especially the "funky bunch"! HAHA!! I thought Vince Vaughn was on your list, no?

Brittany said...

I don't know why but Clive Owen is like my new "if only" guy. I watched "shooter" the other night and I can definately relate to your Marky Mark fixation :)