Monday, August 27, 2007

major buzz kill

so i had my first official session with my trainer this morning. it went pretty well, no, it went great! about half way in to it, i was thinking, this is pretty easy, relatively painless and i really think i'm going to be able to stick with this. when we finished i felt like i was on this exercise high, like i was drunk with fitness. and then it happened. my trainer sat me down and had a talk. he told me that today was pretty easy since we were just getting started......uh, what?? wait a when i said relatively painless, i was lying. i was trying to sound tougher than what i really one point my left butt cheek felt like it was on fire, literally. and now he's telling me that it will get harder. great. there went my fitness buzz. but don't worry, i'm going to stick with it. i've got a goal and i tend to see it through to the end. no matter how hard it becomes. i wonder if there is an episode of "snapped" where a crazy (sorry, i like to refer to them as misunderstood) woman killed her trainer?? oh! anyone know how many calories are in white wine?? it doesn't really matter because i'm going to keep drinking it.....something's got to ease the pain of my butt cheek. see ya.

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The Nowell's said...

Okay - I can't wait to hear how you are feeling later today and after tomorrow! That white wine might be needed to take the edge off the pain :) It was a great class today - can't wait till the next one. We will definitely have to set this up as a weekly activity! We are going to be looking hot very soon!