Monday, August 20, 2007

things that make you go hmmm.............

just a few things to ponder......

1. why are vietnamese-born people so freakin' good at doing nails?? seriously.
2. why is my husband so obsessed with indian women and their birth-giving and breastfeeding skills?? all through out my pregnancy he told me how indian women gave birth in a field (duh..cause they didn't have hospitals) and how they would breastfeed the whole tribe? the babies of the tribe, that is. well, you know what? you should have married pocha-freakin'-hontas! cause i'm going to the hospital and i'm asking for all the drugs they can legally give me! and i'm only offering my milk-jugs to my own kid, thank you very much!
3. why does same said husband have so many opinions on those subjects anyway.....i mean, those are two things that i can definately, without reservation, say that he will never, ever do in this lifetime!
4. why would i give up a vital organ to see him(or any other male, for that matter) do either one?????
5. now, supposedly, according to the bible, women have periods because eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden. now, adam was right there along with her....sure, he could have said no but he didn' where is the male version of "aunt flo" or male p.m.s????????
6. why do some men think it is ok to not shut the door when they are using the restroom??? fyi, there is nothing you are doing in there that we want to be witness me. they put a lock on those doors for a reason, buddy. use it.
7. why am i up at this ridiculous hour?????????

oh, i've got a new man to add to "my list." i just finished watching "fracture" with anthony hopkins and ryan gosling. no, it's not anthony hopkins (although his voice is quite appealing). ryan gosling, who i loved in the notebook, looked really hot in this movie. kind of like the guy next door......if the guy next door was a real hot lawyer. good movie, you should check it out!

anyway, i'm out........for now.

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Lindsay G said...

My Indian neighbor had a C-section, and I believe it was in a hospital, not a field. I'm sure she had drugs too. Maybe he'd like to meet her?