Monday, September 3, 2007

these kids today.....

so i was at the mall the other day (shocker!) and i noticed something rather disturbing. what is up with the kids today being so freakin' rude to their parents?? i mean, some of the things i hear them say to their mother's, they should be beaten. i know i would have been! my parents weren't much for public discipline but my dad could give a look that would burn a hole through ya! you know the one~the eyes get big, they shake their head slightly. and you know what they are thinking..."when we get out of here you are in so much trouble!" and then your day is ruined! no matter how much fun you were having, it's all over now because all you can think about is the ass whipping you are going to get later! the kids have no respect! i mean, i wasn't an angel by any means but i'd like to think i'm not as bad as some of these kids!! some of them are total a-holes!! even blake noticed it~and he supposed to be one of those disrespectful teens! and what is with all the rude ass people out there that watch as a woman is trying to get through a door, with a stroller, no less, and doesn't hold the door??? i don't know how many times i've been struggling with the door trying to push my stroller through, hold my purse, diaper bag and god knows what else while some ass walks right past me!! i guess i'm just used to my dad who is straight up old school~holds the door for ladies, opens the car door and even tips his hat to women! i've seen him actually take his hat off when meeting a woman for the first time! they just don't make them like that anymore! but i can promise you that my son will atleast open the door for a woman with a stroller! he better atleast~i'd hate to have to beat him. he's pretty big~i think he could take me.
mac is feeling much better and i'm so anxious to get back to the gym tomorrow. i did walk about 2 miles this morning with my mom so that felt good. i'm not sore anymore so that's good.
have a great week!

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Lindsay G said...

I like a good respectful man myself. I am glad to hear that Mac is feeling better, and go you for wanting to get back in the gym tomorrow. I hope you get in a good work out!