Tuesday, September 11, 2007

good news, bad news.........

well, mona has left the building. for those of you who didn't read my last blog (shame on you!) mona was the name i gave my yeast infection. actually she was just the cute character from the monistat website but anyway. yes, i am yeast free. well i think you always have some yeast, but i can no longer bake bread in my underwear.....sorry about that one..that was bad......even for me! so if you haven't figured it out, that's my good news. oh and mac starts mother's day out tomorrow~and i've added fridays, too. so now she will be going three days a week. thank you, jesus.
so now for the bad. mackenzie can officially get out of her crib. i watched her with my own eyes, flip over the top, land on her back and get right back up. never skipped a beat. i'm not dealing with a normal human being here. she is unbreakable, unstoppable and out of control!!! so we turned her crib into a daybed yesterday and last night when i put her to bed, of course, she got right back up and was banging on the door, screaming. after awhile when she realized she wasn't going to break free, she climbed back in bed and went to sleep. ahhh..this wasn't so bad. now i knew naptime would be worse because in the daylight she could see her toys. so today at naptime, i laid down with her until she feel asleep...i know...not a habit i wanted to get into but i needed her to sleep so i could take a freakin' bath. so we get ready to go to bed tonight and i did the same thing as last night......put her down and shut the doors to her room. she screamed and started banging on the door.....WITH HER HEAD!!!! as i was standing there listening, i thought to myself, that pounding sounds a little too hard to be just her hand. well, it was her freakin' head. she know has knots all along her forehead and bruises. so i've got to take her to mother's day out tomorrow looking like she's been in a boxing match. i hope they don't call cps thinking she's been beaten.
so i just ordered a crib tent online. i'm going to put the front rail back on that damn bed and tent it up! i can't have her beating her head on the wall every night when i put her to bed.....she'll go crazy. and there's only room for one crazy in this house and i've got it covered!
oh, and it gets better......SHE'S STILL AWAKE!! we've tried everything. cory and i both got in the bed with her (at separate times of course..it is a crib mattress we are talking about) and cory put her in bed with him..again, two habits i don't want to start but we are desparate. i finally have her calm and in her own bed but with the tv on.........i can hear you all know...........what??? letting your toddler watch tv at 11:47 at night. hey it's better than her giving herself freakin' brain damage! the tent should be here in a few days.
so i'm welcoming any advice anyone has for this particular situation. especailly if it involves me drinking lots of wine and starting earlier in the day. women who stay home with toddlers shouldn't have to wait until 5:00 to drink. it's cruel. i'm going to come up with "the stay at home mom's official happy hour time." it's bad enough we don't get to go to a "real" happy hour so i say we start drinking at 2:00ish. yeah, that sounds good!
well, i guess i should go finish my glass of wine that i poured at 7:00 and never finished. cheers.


MamasitaMiles said...

HAAAAA!!!!! I could really see all of these things happening as I read your blog! I swear, I'm going to freak out when Aiden can get out of his crib! I guess it's good that boys are "slower" than girls in developing! I'm all about the happy hour starting about 2:30...and I'm thinking about kick-starting mine with a shot of something...any suggestions?

Weekends Off said...

Can I join in the 2o'clock happy hour? My kids are grown but Momma still needs a drink...seriously!!!

There was only one way to get my little boy to stay in his twin bed. I bought a king sized blanket and tucked that sucker in all the way under the mattress and trapped his little butt in bed LOL.

Weekends Off said...

They should make baby unisom!