Friday, July 18, 2008

wife #1 seeking wife #2....

so i'm sitting her watching 20/20 which i often do on friday nights...i know...what a social life, right? it's all about sex and they were just talking about polygamy. now, i've mentioned before about cory wanting a sister wife and joked about it. i always say if she cooks and cleans, bring her on. however, she can't have kids....hell, no. i don't want my own half the time much less someone elses.  anyway, cory and i are sitting here watching this and these people all seem to have really full, good lives. and these are not those fundamentalist know the ones with the dresses, hair in a bun, no make-up...these are normal looking people. but what always strikes me as odd is the men....most of them look like they would be lucky to get ONE wife much less several. seriously. not attractive. not that their wives are beauty queens. but in one of the cases, one wife said that the other cooks breakfast every morning while she sleeps in....uh, excuse me?? did i hear that right?? where do i sign up? sleeping late? every day?? that's heaven. i only have a few rules:

1. i have to be the boss lady...the boss wife

2. they can't be prettier than me...vain, i know. but if you can't feel like the most beautiful woman in the world in your home, where can you??

3. they can't have any kids

4. they absolutely can not wear those ridiculous dresses

5. they must take my side against cory...always. no matter what. period. you know, strength in numbers.

i almost want to place on ad on craig's list or something just to see what kind of respones i would get. not that i'd actually go through with it...just curious.

well, i'm off to horseshoe bay resort tomorrow! hopefully i'll have some good stories to blog about!

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Zaher said...

if ur husband got married to another wife , then u will have ur sister wife and she can have kids also .. right ? dont be selfish