Thursday, July 17, 2008

now what??

i come to you from my is 10 a.m. and i'm still in my pj's. i just finished a bowl of cereal. and i'm doing all of this...alone. there is no toddler running around begging for fruit snacks, orange juice or the new snack of the moment, marshmallows. my mom took mackenzie home with her yesterday. she will not come home until sunday. blake also went, along with jake, so there are no obnoxious teenagers farting, cussing and getting on my last nerve. the only child left here is ashlen, who with faults of her own, may be the most perfect one of all. after all, she drives so i don't have to take her anywhere. and she's learning to cook....she so graciously cooked dinner for us last night. yes, it was just homemade mac and cheese but one ever cooks for me. unless our good friend, javier, comes over. he kicks me out of my own kitchen. but hey, i'm not complaining.
so i'm sitting her contemplating all the million things i could do today...and tomorrow. saturday is already planned. i'm going on an overnight with my girlfriends to horseshoe baby spa and resort. i'm planning on doing nothing but laying out by the pool and eating. me and two other preggos are staying in a room so we will no doubt watch movies and eat junk food while the others take jello shots and play the ever so popular "never have i ever..." i do know that ash wants to go see "sex and the city" today since she hasn't seen it yet. i told her i'd be happy to go see it again. i'm thinking maybe the alamo drafthouse so we can eat, too! i'm all about the food these days....maybe some fried mushrooms and pizza....mmmmm! right now, i'm craving some lemonade....
tomorrow, maybe i'll get a pedicure and a manicure...who knows? the possibilities are endless. i'm thinking of just laying out by the pool all day.
but i have to say, i do miss mackenzie. i miss hearing those little feet running across the house. she tells me now, "i love you all the sky." something her daddy taught her. it's so cute.
don't get me wrong...i'm sooo going to enjoy my break. once this new baby comes, i imagine it will be harder to convince someone to take TWO of them.
well, i'm going to go for now...must decide what i'm going to do with myself today!

happy thursday!

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