Saturday, July 5, 2008

from the mouths of babes...

or more specifically, mackenzie brewer. at the ripe old age of 2 1/2, she has aquired quite the vocabulary. why, just today at the pool, she fell down and proceeded to announce to anyone within a mile radius, "owwww! i hurt my butt." plain as day. all i could say was, "yes, you did. are you okay?" i was just grateful she didn't say ass. 

yesterday, she happened to catch cory in the buff and she said, "daddy, you're naked." again, plain as day...there was no denying what she had said. not sure where she heard the word naked or better yet, how she knows what it means.  she has begun saying "whatever." there's one that i thought would atleast be saved until her pre-teen years...i'm sure i didn't start using it until atleast 12. oh, and let's not forget, "not yet." example:

me: mackenzie, come here so i can change your diaper.

mac: no, not yet.

and these are just some of the mild phrases she has picked up. as you can imagine, having teenagers around all the time, mainly teenage boys, interesting conversations are happening all the time. the other day, we were in the car, and she started saying, "you little fart!" now, i'll have to admit, i've been guilty of calling her that myself. however, the next one, i can't take credit for. she know refers to blake and all his little friends as "homos" because that's what cory calls them sometimes. and i have heard "bullshit" escape her precious mouth a time or two. my mom had her out shopping the other day and she yelled, "dammit." all the women around started laughing. in her defense, she does use it in the correct way...she's always pissed about something when she says it. and before you go calling cps on me, i've heard from several people that "dammit" was a  favorite of their child's as well. so there.

her loving father taught her that boys have titties and girls have boobies. funny, i always thought they were the same thing. my husband...a bottomless pit of useful wisdom. anyhoo, she pointed to one of hers today and said, "i've got boobies." and then pointed to the other and said, "and i've got titties." all i could say was, "yes, you do."

so, yes, it appears that i have given birth to one of THOSE know, the one that other kids' parents don't want them around because of the things they can pick up from them. like in the movie "christmas story" when ralphie drops the "f" bomb and when is mom asks him where he heard it from, he blames his friend, schwartz....knowing all along that he hears it from his own father all the time. my point is, i envision a lot of phone calls in my future telling me that my darling mackenzie has taught their child a bad word or two. or informed her whole kindergarden class that boys have titties and girls have boobies.

you know, it just dawned on me, that whenever she runs in a room after stripping down to nothing, we always say, "you little naked butt!" who would have guessed she'd understand what it meant??

god help me....

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