Wednesday, December 5, 2007

mackenzie brewer...mindfreak

if you have read previous blogs you would know that mackenzie has been taking her pants and diaper off while in her bed. so we switched from two piece pajamas to one piece ones that zip up. i even had to put them on her during nap time. well, it's been so warm in the afternoons i was afraid she was getting hot so i got her some onesies to nap in. she doesn't know how to un-snap them at the bottom so problem solved, right?? i must have forgotten who i was dealing with. after being in bed for a whole hour yesterday afternoon and not falling asleep, i ventured in there to see the diaper on the floor. that's another thing..once she gets it off she must throw it on the floor as some sort of, screw you, i'm not wearing this stinkin' diaper. so i assumed she had learned how to get the onesie off..i was mistaken. instead, ms. thing managed to take off the diaper with the onesie still in place..still snapped and all. houdini would have been stumped.
mac had her first swim class yesterday without me in the pool with her. she did really well..they had a tough time getting her to sit on the edge and wait her turn but for the most part she did great. she would sit back down on her turtle when they told her to. there was one incident..well it could have turned in to a big incident but luckily i was watching. at one point, she had both feet planted on the back of the little girl next to her...and i knew exactly what she was planning on doing. mackenzie was thinking, "let's see if she's been paying attention!" she was totally going to push her in!! i got to her in time. crisis management should be my second job.
at school yesteday, a little boy named aidan had a dirty diaper and mackenzie decided that she would assist the teacher in cleaning him up. not sure how ugly it got but mac was not wearing the same clothes when i picked her up. whatever they are paying her teachers, it is not even close to being enough.
cory just called me in to the bedroom to pick a gross scab out of the back of his head........don't believe that was anywhere in our vows. god love him. and so do i.
happy hump day!!


D said...

Oh gosh girl - I thought my day was rough - but I think you toped it! I don't know how you do it!

HMitch said...

Ha HA, I'm glad to see my little girl isn't the only one taking her diaper off at all times. One day,last week, during nap time I went up to check on her and she not only had thrown her diaper on the floor(again)but she had also thrown about 10-15 pieces of poo on the ground as well. I'm pretty sure my sweet, little darling is way more mishievous and smarter than my older boys ever thought about being, she just doesn't like wearing a dirty diaper!