Wednesday, December 26, 2007

it's official...i'm an adult.

you know how when you were little, you waited all year for christmas. and you wanted the day to go soooo slow because you knew you had to wait a whole year for it to come around again. well, now i know exactly what my mother meant when she would say, "i'm christmased out!" i was soooo ready for it to be over! mainly because a horrible stomach virus attacked the whole family~including my father who never, ever, ever gets sick. never. ever. it started on the thursday before christmas, thanks to mackenzie. she then gave it to blake and my sister. my father was the next poor victim and then me! yea! and of course, cory was here for all of 5 minutes and got it. i'll spare you the details but let's just say we had a brown christmas. gross, i know. but i couldn't resist.
everyone is better now~but the kicker is that my mom has yet to get it. we are sure it is brewing and will hit any minute. but hopefully not. maybe god is smiling down on her for all the years she has been tormented by her children. me, exluded, of course.
so know we have all this stuff~mainly mackenzie~that i have no idea where i'm going to put it. the builder is saying our house will be ready in march and i hope he is right...we are seriously running out of room.
i did get to go to a dallas stars game before i got sick and that was tons of fun! i love hockey. and those types of events are always great places to people watch because you literally have people from all walks of life. no matter where i am, i always notice what people are wearing. sometimes i feel like approaching them and asking exactly what they were thinking when they put that emsemble together. for example, cowboy boots and sweat pants. now i'm not saying anything bad about cowboy boots or sweat pants. i like them both...just now together. never. together. ever. that's just common sense, right?? it gave me an idea. i should start a business. you know those times that you are questioning an outfit in the mirror and really wish you had a friend there to tell you it looks great or it looks like shit? well, i would be that person. if you are alone and need a fashion opinion, i'd be happy to assist. with today's technology, all you'd have to do is text or e-mail a quick picture and voila! crisis averted. oh and i would so be honest...i'm not calling myself a fashion expert but i do know that sweat pants and cowboy boots are an absolute no-no. anytime. anywhere. for any reason.
and men are the worst! if you i see a man that has something totally ridiculous on, the first thing i do is look to see if he's with a woman. if he is and she looks horrendous, understandable. but sometimes the woman will look great! why she lets her man go around looking like a moron is beyond me.
start looking now when you are out and about (if you don't already...which i know some of you so do!) and i'll promise you'll be hooked. you won't be able to stop yourself. the more ridiculous the better.
have a good night..must go and pour my 2nd glass of wine! cheers!

**oh, and i've officially lost what little of my mind i had left..i've signed up for a boot camp that begins on jan. 7. three days a week at 6 am (yes, six) for twelve weeks. i will be meeting with my trainer on tuesdays and thursdays. by saturday, i imagine i'll be comatose.**

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