Monday, December 17, 2007

merry freakin' christmas.....

sorry i haven't blogged in a while...been gearing up for xmas. i managed to knock most of my gift buying out this weekend. it was relatively painless. i went to nordstrom's on saturday morning to return some pants that cory did not want and decided to stay at the mall and do some shopping. as i'm walking up to the door at nordstrom, a man, probably in his late forties (old enough to know better) was heading to the door at the same time. he glanced over at me and started to hurry up to the door...naturally i'm thinking what a gentleman..he's going to open the door for me. wrong. he opened the door and stepped right in front of me! happy holidays, asshole.
i proceeded up to the counter in the men's department to return the pants. they had altered them and they were too short for cory. he didn't want them fixed, he just wanted the money back. so i tell the woman behind the counter the dilema and she looks puzzled. great. first off, have you noticed the way the people that work in these type places look at you if you are not dressed to the nines and wearing a full face of make-up?? of course i had on jeans, t-shirt, and not a lick of make-up on. so she was skeptical from the get go. she then calls a man over there to assist her. he just happend to be the man that sold the pants to cory. he asks me in an oh so snobby way..just how short were the pants. in true cory brewer fashion, i looked him straight in the face and said, "too short for him to wear 'em." he then said something about needing to know exactly how short so he could make a i made something up and told him. he then informed me that it would take a while..i'm not sure why, i mean, i had a receipt and everything. whatever...happy holidays, asshole #2.
i then ventured out into the home away from home. it wasn't too crowded. but why is it that anytime i need a big bag in a store, they are always out and i get stuck with a thousand little bags??? it's the holidays, people..stock up!
all the other salespeople that helped me were very nice and helpful. and you can't help but love the salvation army people out front...especially the real animated black men. they're great.
i've started carrying a notebook in my purse to jot down ideas for blogs. i've got several things already that i can't wait to share with you. now i just need to find the time.....ahh, to dream.
happy monday!

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