Saturday, January 5, 2008

things i'd like to see happen in 2008....

besides the obvious like the war ending, world peace, health and happiness for my family, blah, blah..these are some other things i would like to see happen in the coming year.

paris hilton to go away...i don't care where she goes just go the hell away! i'm so over her...what is the appeal anyway?? i hope her grandfather does give all his money to charity and she ends up working at a wal-mart somewhere...not that there is anything wrong with wal-mart..i love, love, love wal-mart...and i'd love, love, love to see paris working at one. oh, and she can take lindsay lohan with her.

brad and angelina to split up..actually, i'd like her to cheat on him with some random person and get a bad case of herpes which she will then in turn give to brad. it will serve him right for hooking up with her in the first place while still married to jen.

jennifer aniston to find a great guy, get married and have a baby. all the while having brad bugging the hell out of her to take him back. but with his raging case of herpes, no one will date him. sucker.

britney to get her shit together...i do enjoy hearing about all her craziness but i do feel sorry for her kids. and i do wish people would lay off her's not her fault. i mean being an unwed teenage mother myself, it was no fault of my mother' mother was the best. she didn't even realize i was having sex until i showed up almost 5 months pregnant. but i digress.

micheal jackson to become black again. i remember when blake was little, he saw mj on t.v. and said to me, "i thought micheal jackson was black??" he was dead serious. i would love for him to get his shit together and be the great performer he once was. but i think he's too far gone..he's going to need a mr. potato head nose before long.

donald trump to cut his damn hair..i mean, his wife is she really so blind by the money that the hair doesn't bother her???

ryan seacrest to admit he is gay..not that there is anything wrong with that. maybe he could hook up with anderson cooper..i heard somewhere that he is gay, too.

my loving, wonderful husband to buy me a i can blog anytime, anywhere. love you, honey.

for me to kick ass in my boot camp..i start on monday.

i know more things will come to mind later. that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

If anyones getting a laptop its going to be me honey.

your daughter

Sherie said...

When I first saw Anderson Cooper on tv, I fell mad inlove. I mean he's tamale hot!!! then a friend told me he's gay! I was crushed. And what's the deal with Joel of "the soup" picking on Ryan all the time? A man crush you think?